Hi again Dragon slayers!

A belated Happy New Year to you all! It's me, Stan, if you remember me from the philzone. I'm still alive but barely. Still Hep C positive but no symptoms associated other than slightly  elevated enzymes in my  liver panel tests. Have a lot of other health problems that preclude tx. Had a transient ischemic attack aka "mini stroke" Nov 2016. Really changed my life.

Anyway, enough whining, lol. How are all y'all doing? Shout out to the old crew! Sound off! ;-)

Everyone else, nice to meet you!



Glad you got on Stan.  Welcome to the new Zone.


Stan, I'm glad to read that your Hep C is asymptomatic other than slightly elevated enzymes. Sorry about the TIA.

Hi Mark! It would be great if other only Zoners check in, there aren't many here. Some of the folks who've been cured don't have the interest they once did...

I don't know. Maybe they don't want to be reminded?


Some people came for information and support and when Harvoni, et al, came along they didn’t really need much of that. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Hi folks - Its me I'm back !! Its really nice to find a home again where we can get back together and give the care and support as

we once found at the Philzone !!!


Hi Bruce. Glad you made it!

You know who it is. You just won't admit it.




Mark, I spent a few hours with Kimberly in Eugene today. It was sweet and we had a good time.

We miss Walt, don't we.

Very much Judit. Glad you guys were able to get together.



What a crew in that shot!

Talked with Maxwell last night.  Both he and his wife had covid 19. Both recovered.  Diane had 104 fever for a week.  Both got pretty sick.  Dave said it was like interferon/ribaviron times a hundred.

Thanks for the report about the Maxwells, Mark. I'm so sorry they went through that and glad they recovered. Scary.

Glad to hear everything's now copecetic on Uncanoonuc. wink

High Everyone, I"m back I hope this time, was given a password that does not work and need to always relay on the old forgot my password line, because I want to make sure I am on to help this site as it use to be on the old zone, but I see we only have a few anymore! I need some info about changing my password of my choose ? Well, winter is here in Montana with cold winds and snow, time to hibernate as much as possible music playing and smoking my medical marijuana ! Our 2020 election here was good, Montana has legalized marijuana finally. But we have a group-WRONG FOR MONTANA are trying to make marijuana illegal again after 65% of the Montana voters voted to make it legal; for me I am going to keep my Montana Medical Marijuana card active just in case !! My caregiver and I have been real lucky not to get this co-12 virus shit, but the cases are low here !! Everyone Have a Grateful Evening !!!

Hey Bruce!  Good to hear from you. Sounds like you are coping well. Keep on keep'n on!


Hi Gang Glad to be back here. I went to hang with Michelle Beckett  and Frankand it was phun. We talked about Bruce and Mark plus others from the zoner jam. I have a video of that with Mack in it and as soon as I learn to burn I will send copies to whomever wants one.