Use this page for a better understanding of the new WYSIWYG editor that's used on Viva la Zone. The new editor uses HTML, a standard web language, and easy to use buttons for one-click formatting. Below is a growing library of tutorials and how-to's, along with some quick tips, allowing you to learn more about the new editor.


Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.36.40 PM.png

Below are tutorials and how-to's that explore common tasks, with step-by-step directions.


In addition to the tutorials, use these quick tips to learn more.


Different Line Breaks
Hold down the shift key while pressing return to go down just one line.
Otherwise, use just the return key for a paragraph break, a 1 1/2 line space.


Resize an Image
After an image has been uploaded into the editor, double-click on the image to pop-up image properties.
Using this small window, you can change the width and height of an image, and adjust it's alignment.
The lock icon controls the images ratio, and the refresh icon resets any changes you made to the width and height.


Make a Link Open a New Window
All text links entered into the editor automatically open in a new window, and we also have the link button for images, and greater control.
Click the link button, the chain icon, and select the Target tab.
From the target tab, click the dropdown menu and select New Window, then Save.


Apply a Link to an Image
After an image has been uploaded into the editor, click once to select the image.
With the image selected, click the link button, the chain icon.


Using HTML in the Editor
You can also use the standard HTML mark up language to format your post. Here is a link to some information about HTML