What's On Your Bucket List


In no particular order

1) There is a tour of  Little Big Horn, MT Rushmore, Yellowstone, Tetons and more that I would love to see, only part of the country I've never been to

2) Peru , we are discussing for next Summer

3) Scandinavia

4) St Petersburg, Russia but only there Moscow , meh

5) Prauge 

6) China , yes, Japan , no, Vietnam ? Hard to reconcile goinf after avoiding it for so many years back in the days


1. Colombia

2. Philippines

3. Solomon Islands

4. Bulgaria and the Black Sea

5. Nepal (my brother is talking about going trekking there next spring and don't know if I can make it.  Doh!).

Domestically, I have been to all 50 states but never spent much time in northern Minnesota (Land o' Lakes) and would love to do some backpacking or canoeing in the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

I forgot to list Israel

I don't have a bucket list (retired @ 36 to watch the kids while my wife travels the world for work). No work means I get "a say" in family vacations - but no more say than the kids... My wife is still hankering to have us go to Nashville since she was there for work, but both times we started looking into it we'd stop because of flooding issues there. 

In years that I am able bodied, my wife will head to England or Singapore or Australia, or Toledo or St. Louis... She gets her travel fix every month or so typically. (Don't tell her she is getting new luggage for our anniversary.) 

I am good going wherever - but Joshua Tree would be the one place that I am glad to have been to a handful of times over the years. 

I feel obligated to say Whistler or Banff (or anywhere in Canada), but our oldest is heading up to Churchill, Manitoba on a polar bear expedition this week until Labour Day and that looks like a great trip. 


When I was in Joshua Tree our guide asked us why we wanted to see it, I casually mentioned I wanted to go since 1973 when I read about it when one of my fav rock singers died there. Guide had no idea and I had to tell the group the story of Gram Theft Parsons

BTW I accidently told your wife about the luggage, didn't know it was a secret :) I am in the middle of booking Peru next May, so that comes off my list

I have never been to Joshua Tree and that (along with the Salton Sea) are on my domestic bucket list.  When I go, I will definitely check out the site of the incomplete cremation and would love to stay here and break out the Ouija board:


won't you scratch my itch sweet annie rich, and welcome be back to town

My dream is to travel to Chile to the Andes Mountains and stay there for as long as I can. I have a silly dream of wanting to be a cheesemaker, and I believe the best cheese comes from there. 

EB, I was down in Chile in March and although I avoid factory farmed animal products, enjoyed some goat cheese straight from the herder in the foothills of the Andes.   Good stuff.

I was in Chile over the holidays in Dec its beautiful

Ken! How amazing to have tried that. Too cool.

Bruce- awesome! I gotta make this dream come true.

go to patagoina for your honeymoon make sure you do the argentina side. there is an ex pat who posts here in chile he loves to meet zoners, i missed him both in santiago and a few weeks ago in my home town.

I totally forgot about that guy- his handle escapes me. Thanks for the tips!

Dude down in Chile is Javs.   Really great guy, but just a point of clarification, he is not an ex pat, but a local Chilean who went to college and saw a bunch of shows in the States.


after numerous emails with Javs, for some reason I thought he was an ex pat, thanks for the correction

Ive been to 46 states, my wife not so much. I would like to take her up the Rockies from Colorado all the way to Jasper and Banff National park in Canada.

That was a cool ride.

I'm also going to do some catfish noodling in October in Oklahoma!

See Max Creek on back to back nights.

>>>>Rockies from Colorado all the way to Jasper and Banff National park in Canada

Do it!   My brother is doing that right now but in reverse.  He has spent the last two and a half months traveling Alaska and Western Canada in his 4x4 Sprinter van and just crossed back into the US up in Montana today after spending the last week or so in Jasper and Banff (I joined him for a week in July - see the Alaska thread for details).

Here is a pic he took of "the Sloth" lamenting at what is left of the Athabascan Glacier in Jasper:

Sloth w Glacier.jpg  

The Sloth is sort of a travel mascot in my family.  Over the past few years it has been to Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, England, Mexico, Fiji, New Zealand, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Uruguay, Argentina, and Canada (probably a few more that I am blanking on).   Its actually an imposter sloth as the original one was accidentally left on a beach on Little San Salvador Island in the Bahamas.  My parents (who entrusted us with the original sloth) still don't know that this is a replacement one.

Definitely New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Tahiti, Norway, Morocco, Prague.... some year after I win the lotto, LOL.