What’s Your Count?


Currently in my 23rd country and have been to 38 states. What cha got ? Happy New Year world travelers

Hope Costa Rica is treating you well.

I have been to all 50 States (plus US Virgin Islands) and 21 countries (not including a couple overseas possessions of countries already on the list like the Falkland Islands and Spanish Morocco).   It also doesn't include a brief layover in Germany where I didn't leave the airport.

Hitting the Philippines and Japan for the first time in March.

I count 27

America ,Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina,,Antarctica , New Zealand,, Egypt, Israel, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain,India, Nepal,Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia


Many of those places multiple times. 4 times in India, Honduras and Guatemala, Argentina. 2 times in Egypt, Israel, France, Germany, Holland, England, Switzerland, Venezuela.  Uruguay maybe 6 times.

Make that 28

forgot Luxembourg.

>>>forgot Luxembourg.

tsk, tsk

Almost 30 countries, most states except a few on the northern border...   (dakotas, New England)

Majority of States except Alaska and Deep South.  A few countries,  but no Japan or China.  Not a whole lot of travel in the last five years -- Hüsky misses his pet hu-person if I'm gone for too long.

However he has driven cross-country from CA to PA and through the Northeast,  up to New Hampshire.

If you ever find a loose Hüsky and want to catch it,  just open a car door.  They are stupid regarding roads and traffic.

35 states, but only 5 countries.

Great Thread: My count is all 50 states (+ the US Virgin Islands) and 32 countries.

Most of the US was thanks to Dead touring 88-89.  We caravanned a different route each time, stopping at many points of interest, including the biggest ball of twine in Kansas.  Gotta keep things fresh when doing the cross-country with heads in the back seat.

Sailing from Gibraltar, past the Canary Islands to Africa, then across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and Bahama Islands gets you a bunch.  Great adventures them all!

There's probably an app for this, LOL.

I need to figure out how to work remotely and do some more traveling! 

On my non-music travel bucket list: New Zealand, Norway, Prague, Iceland, Guatemala, Chile / Patagonia, Argentina, Jamaica, Scotland, more Ireland, and any country that has French as a primary language -- trying not to lose everything I've learned.

  1. California
  2. Oregon
  3. Washington
  4. Idaho
  5. Utah
  6. Colorado
  7. Montana
  8. New Mexico
  9. Arizona
  10. Texas
  11. Louisiana
  12. Florida
  13. New York
  14. New Jersey
  15. Pennsylvania
  16. Delaware
  17. Washington DC
  18. Virginia
  19. Georgia
  20. Vermont
  21. New Hampshire
  22. Illinois
  23. Nebraska
  24. North Dakota
  25. Wyoming
  26. Nevada
  27. Hawaii


  1. US
  2. Canada 
  3. Mexico
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Panama
  7. Spain
  8. Andorra
  9. France
  10. Portugal
  11. Italy
  12. Switzerland
  13. Monaco
  14. Vatican City
  15. Austria
  16. Germany
  17. Luxembourg
  18. England
  19. Ireland
  20. The Netherlands
  21. Belgium
  22. Denmark
  23. Greece