Washington State Islands, July 2022


Just did a fun tour of several Islands in WA state.  My niece moved up there a few years ago, and now my sis has moved there since retiring.  This was the first time my sis and I have hung out as just the two of us, and we had a blast!

The rental on Whidbey Island (with a hard working sis cameo); 

294826696_10221260972306556_1553775959209606787_n copy.jpg

295642808_10221260971546537_3235058527632987939_n copy.jpg

296479856_10221260973066575_350235330215188839_n copy.jpg

the "million dollar view" from the deck...  we got real lucky with the weather, clear and warm, no fog, just hazy 

294916442_10221260974306606_676110026110283531_n copy.jpg

296100889_10221260974826619_275449710359772493_n copy.jpg


294953522_10221260975546637_4584652687334742697_n copy.jpg

295542039_10221260999067225_122274713880080778_n copy.jpg


294951761_10221260986066900_651762088499933545_n copy.jpg

First day we did the jet boat tour of deception pass (and several hikes around the area).  Very cool spot with lots to do!

296310640_10221261265353882_27206896373145545_n copy.jpg

296627266_10221261251873545_2247150830795482689_n copy.jpg


Lots of wildlife

296358491_10221261238073200_6498889564468067230_n copy.jpg

296656586_10221261213472585_5280285703620414356_n copy.jpg

296659309_10221261218112701_5154814293410581972_n copy.jpg

Had dinner in Coupeville at the infamous Front Street Grill, my sis went nuts over the mussel menu!

296205841_10221261276354157_9182777503687465058_n copy.jpg

295437633_10221261001947297_1463399721027476678_n copy.jpg


Next, off to Orcas Island, so much cool things to do there!  

Loading on the ferry in Anacordes

296063870_10221262908834968_7393266355339329100_n copy.jpg

East Sound



The Rosario Resort & Spa

295056938_10221263075079124_1707001914375685357_n copy.jpg

295476968_10221263081839293_4101766659950664227_n copy.jpg

Cascade Falls, Mt Constitution

295105116_10221263003917345_4212846448674197556_n copy.jpg


295250967_10221263029117975_3061106308790651405_n copy.jpg



295862068_10221263036838168_3337043553136755216_n copy.jpg

Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Fort Casey (Whidbey Island, drive home, waiting for the ferry)

295173523_10221263163041323_8326007314850738575_n copy.jpg

Finally got to eat at my friends BBQ place a mile or so north of Centralia WA (N Pearl), great stuff (the meatloaf was amazing)


295463414_10221263198922220_5261369127393913067_n copy.jpg

Great stuff! Thanks - looks like a good time.

Nice pics 

Thanks!  I think I took a thousand pics / videos, lol...   just takes so long to post here, figure I'd just do a few highlights

Looks like fun.

Thanks, Noodler. It sounds and looks like you had a really good time. I think I've only been on Bainbridge, but I may have forgotten trips of the past.

Wildlife, water, beauty, happy times. I love LOVE ferries, so thanks for those. The single light colored sea lion (seal?) is kind of creepy to me. Maybe like horror movie mask? Other than that, what a sweet trip!

The pear tree in my backyard is an Orcas, an old heritage type from the island. Really great flavor.

It wasn't all fun and family.  I did have a large man with a large gun shoot directly at me on the interstate, then shot at and carnapped the guy next to me, but that's a story for another time....  

Sweet trip. Thanks for sharing.  

And that sounds scary.

Thanks for posting.   Love the San Juans and the pics from Whidbey are cool too.  Wild story about the carjacker and glad he missed! 

Been a curious summer, in that my first mining trip to N Cal, most of the places we visited have been destroyed by the McKinney fire (very sad), let alone getting shot at on the WA trip, though better me than some sensitive family (not the first time i've had a gun pulled on me, but the first time one's been discharged at me / vs a warning shot)