Travels With Elvis


I used to blog with our son, he discovered video games and blogging became mundane, so I stopped there wasn't much interest outside our family and 3/4 former Philzoners. A little about how we travel, at times we go on guided tours, there are many fine companies that do these with various levels of comfort and thus cost. Keep that in mind. Other times we just get rooms in cities (ie our trip lat month to Spain, pictures available in the Our Son Turned 18 thread in OS) and plan day excursions. Since the death of the blog in 2015 we have been to some amazing places which I will list. If there is a place you want more details lmk. Posting pictures is a challenge for a Luddite,but I can ask our friend to the North who posted the Spain pictures if he can help out. Also this is not just about us, I would love to hear/see your vacations, maybe I'll get excited about a place I had not thought of going to. Since the blog died, England / Wales,Ireland twice, Santa Fe, Galapagos, Cuba, Patagonia. LMK if there is a place you want more detail about