Just pulled the trigger on tix to the Philippines in March.   Meeting up with my brother in Manila then headed to Palawan for a week and a half of island hopping, diving, and checking out the scenery and local culture.   Probably fly into Puerto Princess from Manila and then make our way north to El Nido and Busuanga.  There is apparently a lot of easily accessible WWII wrecks in Coron Bay.

Have an overnight in Tokyo on my way over. 

And airfare was pretty affordable:

Round trip tickets on Nippon Air were $780 total plus free bag.  Have an overnight in Tokyo on my way over. 

My brother's tickets from LAX where only $370 (not including airfare from ABQ) and he has all day layover in Beijing on the way over.  He will be sticking around for two more weeks after I head back.

Once we get over there, food and lodging in beach huts is cheap, cheap, cheap.

How does your brother manage to travel so much?  Jealous.

>>>>>How does your brother manage to travel so much?

Tell me about it.  He just took a year off to travel.   He is a neurologist so he makes good money, but is also one of the most frugal people I know.  For example, he attended a neurology conference in Hawaii once and was the only attendee to stay at the Honolulu YMCA.  Bottom line he was able to save his money and travel around cheaply using the interest on his investments.   He is now back to work half time working two weeks a month.   He structured it so he is able to work the first two weeks of one month and the last two weeks of the next, giving him four weeks in between to travel.

He just left today to go camping on the beach in Maui for two weeks. 

Good for him.  I also have a brother that’s a Doctor (nephrologist). He’s just starting out and has a young family, but I tell him when he gets that pool house, I’m living in it. Haha.