We traveled to Patagonia from 12/21-1/31/18 With Tauck they are a little higher end group but this is likely a once in a lifetime trip. Flew into Santiago and missed the Viva expat by days. Walked around town a few hours then off to meet the group. It was only 24 people mostly Jews as it was over the Christmas period but we did have an ex nun who was beyond lovely. Stayed at the Singular Santiago which is very nice , the only problem was we left the next day so if you go with a tour try and build in at least 1 extra day, generally the tour group can get you a good rate. The Chile side of Patagonia was great and the wine was better, Torres del Paine Park, Punta Arenas, were beautiful. Stayed at one of the nicest hotels we never stayed in Singular Patagonia (tour came with a free 1/2 hour massage) the boat ride to see the glaciers was awesome and at one point there was a hike to see condors then we drove into Argentina, the crossing takes awhile but the tour guide handles everything so no worries. As great as Chile was , Argentina was better, stayed in El Calafante (bad hotel bu there aren't many) but the hike to the glacier was tough if you aren't in the best shape is a must. Also in town ICE BAR where everything and I mean everything is made of ice even the seats. Los Glaciares Park requires a pretty steep hike NO SNEAKERS but the views were great, Glacier Moreno was the first hike I mentioned was a 3 of 5 the latter easy a 4. Then up to Buenos Aires and walk around the city and an excusion out of town to see a silversmith and gaucho show. Be advised if you do this tour with Tauck you will gain 10 pounds easy in 8 days, the food was great and pleanty of it. I will ask my Viva friend to the north if he minds posting some pictures for me

Like to see those pictures.   I just did a similar trip earlier this year - two weeks on a boat from Santiago down around Cape Horn over to the Falklands and then one week on land from Buenos Aires back to Santiago.

Wild country down at the tip of South America and most of it wasn't settled (by non-Indians) until the late 19th Century.

Glacier Bay.jpg  

Glacier Alley.jpg

Argentina is such a big country with very diverse scenery and climates.   Will have to go back a few times to see the various sights and want to see Patagonia from land like you did Elvis.   Did you go to the Recoleta in Buenos Aires?   That place was cool.


Hope you saw my Spain picture sin the thread about Our Son, a former Zoner was kind enough to post them, I've emailed him to see if he has time again. No on the Recoleta, that's part of the downside to going on a tour, they take you to the places they have better access to and in this case it was really about the nature of Patagonia, very limited time in either Santiago or Buenos Aires, just an excuse to go back :)

MyMyHeyHey's pics from his Patagonia trip!!
























Cool glacier pictures. They actually look like they are in good shape, unlike so many other ones in the world.   Glad you were able to post them.

Where did you take that Eva Peron picture?   It looks just like the one on her grave in the Recoleta (that portion of the cemetery was a mob scene):


Speaking of Evita, here is the balcony at the Casa Rosa from where she urged Argentina not to cry for her:



Ken, when I posted be fore my brain went on vacation.I was at Recoleta, lol  forgot before I looked to see what to post that's Eva's grave. I also have the same shot of the balconey, but figured 2 Peron shot's was 1 too many


Thanks as always to Fingers On The Fretboard