Panama, No Not The Van Halen Song


So, back from Costa Rica.Countdown to May and Peru is on. Just been told to start looking into Panama for next Winter. Our son as some know is planning on working for State in Central or South America and wants to see as many of the countries before he graduates in 2023, lol, anyone ever been?

Panama is a cool country.  Well, not temperature wise, but a fun place to visit.

I would highly recommend Boquete, up in the northern mountains.    Its surrounded by cloud forests and is probably 10 degrees cooler than the coast.  Lots of ex pats have settled there.


Panama (the city), is a trip.   It has one of the most impressive skylines in all of Latin America.   When I was there, I kept wondering "who lives in or uses and all these skyscrapers?"   Didn't make any sense until the Panama Papers came out, and then it was like "Ah . . .I get it."

Panama City ii.JPG

The old part (Casco Viejo) is neat and its narrow streets and several hundred year old buildings stand in sharp contrast to the modern skyscrapers. 

Casca Viejo.JPG

 But don't stray too far, because you can easily find yourself in some hard core slums that even the cops don't go into, except in large groups and armed to the teeth.       

In general, Panama is cheaper than Costa Rica, but is more expensive than Nicaragua.


Thanks Ken, we found Costa Rica to be relatively cheap but then the cost was no more than where we live, NYC others results may vary. Nicaragua is on the list, almost did a day trip last week from CR but not sure what's what politically , unemployment is high , they go to CR looking for work. Bottom line it was a 12 hr day trip so...  We will get there sooner or later