North to Alaska


Headed up to Fairbanks this evening, where I am meeting up with my brother who has been traveling around Alaska and Western Canada all summer in his Sprinter van.  Then we headed straight up the Dalton Highway across the Arctic Circle to Prudhoe Bay.   Only have about six days, so its going to be whirlwind trip (I am flying back from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks).   Not taking my computer and can't format pictures on my phone, so I will have to wait until I get back to post pictures.

Cool Ken, enjoy!


Looking forward to the pictures. We did Alaska 11 years ago, I'm sure a lot of changes have occured, like the melting of the Glaciers

Sounds like an awesome trip!

As a contribution to this travel forum/archive, here is a link to the full Arctic Circle road trip thread from the "Other Stuff" folder:

Dalton Highway Sign_0.jpg


   Dalton Highway Map_0.jpg

End of the road at the Prudhoe Bay oil fields on the Arctic Ocean:

End of the Road_0.jpg