N. Cal (Hornbrook, Yreka, Humbug)


Made a short trip to Northern California to explore a few mining districts and visit a friends claim.

Mt Shasta 

294063606_10221216132225582_3252830764659996298_n copy.jpg

First funny sight as we entered Hornbrook, pop ~ 266

294052808_10221216148986001_1442134668325089026_n copy.jpg

We got a cool rental home thru VRBO.  Was $250 for 2 nights, had a pool table, 2 bedroom with a large bunk in one room.  

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Loved the art that was the front door

294000085_10221216139825772_7089009559706721382_n copy.jpg

The backyard had a cool feel to it, but the horse wasn't there this week.  

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Had to visit the big city at least once

294142877_10221216132745595_6290720563908213726_n copy.jpg

Klamath River 

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Around the corner from the rental in Hornbrook was this cool eatery, had milkshakes, sandwiches, biscuits/gravy and taco pie on the menu board, forgetting the rest.  The owner had lost everything in that horrible Talent OR fire, and had relocated here, was quite the character.  I'll be going back every time i'm in the area!  

294040438_10221216158226232_5123981705961539549_n copy_0.jpg

Visited the Galice mining district on the drive home
Across the Rogue River from the Almeda mine, part of the Big Yank Lode

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I think I remember that the sign on I-5 for the Hornbrook exit is also for Henley. An old neighbor named his cat Henley Hornbrook, and a friend who was writing a book used Henley Hornbrook for a character.

Cool trip Noodler.