IMO this should be on everyone's bucket list. We went with Abercrombie Kent and stayed at a hotel about 40 minutes drive each way to the jumping off point for excursions, the down side. The upside was , only 14 rooms and a  3 star Michelin restaurant. The other was to go is by boat from island to island each night. Either was , fly into Quito, a beautiful city and we were in a 4 star hotel. It's about 2 1/2 hours flight to the islands so best stay at least 1 night in Quito, see the markets meet the people. BTW you can't just show up in the Galapagos, strictly enforced number of people so look into tours that include the fee and get your passport stamped when you enter. The wildlife and views were awesome I added a picture of the Blue Footed Boobie because I loved it but all the wildlife was great. Of course the week before we went some stupid millinial posted a selfie of her on the back of a 100 year old tortise and we were worried the Darwin Center was going to shut down. Snorkeling with Sea Lions, what can I say? One was about 2 meters from our son. The only downer was we missed Jav the Viva ex pat in Chile due to holiday activities. It's a very popular destination and I hope they don't build it up too much, so go soon

If I haven't asked too often Fingers On The Fret Board will post some picture, I'll have to check to see if any other place warrents a thread, I know we have been to Ireland but I assume most have been there. I'll see if I find anything worth reporting on in a few weeks , don't want to overload FOTFB too often posting for me




Fretboard doesn't mind - and my wife loves the pics too.

Equator marker


Butterfly sanctuary



Hotel view and some lovely, local boobies of the blue-footed variety.




Giant tortoise at the Darwin Center.





Is there somewhere to go swimming with sea lions?




BTW I've been told by a woman in my gym that the Scuba Diving in the Galapagos is unreal, if that floats your boat

That's pretty awesome.    I hear there are great live aboard dive boat trips in that neck of the woods.