Europe deadhead United..


Any of you Zoners come to Europe, drop on by! Free beer ,vin, Champagne,  maybe even ..45 mins from Lyon, France 

Fuckin Google fixed my Untied joke

There is a possible trip to France in early January being discussed here, wife and I were there 20 years ago , honeymoon April, rained every day. Son has never neen. Only thing holding it up its possible free hotel in Tel Aviv instead and/or wife afraid of being in Paris so close to the holidays. 

There is a good chance I’ll head back that way next year.  If I do I’ll stop by and take you up on a glass of free wine.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough deadheads in Europe.  I can never find them :-) 

I agree China . Zoners  be welcome  chez moi

Going to Copenhagen, Oslo,Gotburg,  any Zonners up there?

Had I been better connected to Deadhead scene when I lived in Spain and France in the mid and late 80s, I would've been able to make that European Tour, grrrr. 

I was pretty isolated, given lack of cell phone and Internet, LOL.

I’ll be in Germany, Switzerland, Austria in the next few days.  Any shows?  The google is not helping.

^^Sadly, I was in Europe for the first half of 1990, which was not quite long enough to catch them across the pond.


LLO: At least you probably had access to a bread dispenser machine on Sundays in France...

Bread dispenser machine? Never ever saw one of those! Brilliant.