Eclipse December 2020


Chile gets all the eclipses.  Seriously thinking about doing this.   Checked airfares and they are steep at this time ($900), but if they come down a little more, might just pull the trigger.     

.Eclipse 2020.jpg

I have to admit, after having a total eclipse in the backyard,  I may have an addiction to totality...   

(2 pics and a fave from Newport) 




From north Corvallis, August 2018. A lot like yours, Noodler.

Eclipse 2018.jpg

Awesome shot of the Yaquina Bridge!

I am still kicking myself for not driving a half hour down the road to see the total eclipse, so that's half the reason I am thinking about flying 12 hours down to South America for the next one.

Love these images!

Chile would be an interesting trip.

If I were ever lucky enough to travel to South America, I'd definitely want to stay long enough to see multiple countries.

Feeling nomadic due to these winter rainy days... 


>>>>>Feeling nomadic due to these winter rainy days... 

Well next December will be rainy for sure.   

Hey Javs, any inside scoop on Eclipse viewing parties down in your neck of the woods in December?

Hey Ken, well, my wife and family, plus brother in law, his wife and sister in law, have our plans all in place. We have a place rented and tickets purchased. If you're genuinely thinking of going you better act now as transport is in high demand. Forget about driving, it'll be a mess unless you go a few days early, and plane tickets are selling out fast. No guarantees because I think our pad is tiny, but we may have some floor space. If you make it down, we'll make some room for you. :) So yeah, party at my place.

Actually, I had it all set up to go to the eclipse last year in the North and everyone punked out for a variety of reasons. I was majorly pissed. Everyone said it wouldn't be visible on the coast (fog) and it was 100% visible. My aunt had even agreed to rent me her killer apartment with a view of the ocean and ergo the eclipse, but I couldn't swing the price solo. After getting a gigantic "I TOLD YOU SO" from me, my wife's travel bug put her into gear and she already took care of all the arrangements. I told her that last time I had it all set up and she/they flaked, so this time it was in her hands! :)

We'll be in Pucón, btw...

That's good info Javs.  Thanks and understand we need to get on that quick.

I almost pulled the trigger on tickets down to Santiago for $800 the other day., but wasn't exactly clear on the dates.  I am meeting up with my brother in the Philippines in a couple of weeks for diving and what not and finalizing the December eclipse trip is on the official agenda. 

Still can't believe I didn't drive 40 miles down the road to see the last one in its totality. 

Let me know what you decide, get down here and I'll get you set up. 

Javs, hope you guys are doing well.  I heard rumors they are going to open your country back up soon.

We are about to get a rental car and see there are plenty in Temuco, which is an hour and half north of Pucón​.  Do you think there is a risk that it will be all cloudy on the Chile side that time of year?   

Because we can't take a rental car across the border, its going to be Chile or Argentina.