We went to Cuba right after Christmas 2017 for a week, lucky us as the Orange Man has now stopped all US travel there. Of course you can get there by flying anywhere and changing planes, ie NY > Toronto >Havana. Again we did a tour with Tauck, just for safety reasons and it wasn't required post trip. the place was safer than a church.  I still prefer the fact that we did as it was a family trip and they did it great, including a 5 course dinner to drinks for NY Eve. The people of Cuba were amazing, friendly warm and at least outwardly happy with the gov't. We were taken to interviews with an economist and a former baseball player , also visited a little league game where every American on the trip spontaneously donated their baseball caps to the kids who went nuts to have them. We visited the Museum of the Revolution and learned how to roll cigars. One afternoon we stopped for lunch, followed by coffee, rum and cigars, yummy. We also saw a local dance troupe and a visit to Hemingway's home.On the Friday we were there some of us went to the Synagogue in Havana very small congregation put lots of pictures of famous folks who have dropped by . Ita a quick flight from Miami but security was tight and our tour guide has done the trip numerous times so easy peasy for us, another reason to go with a group. I'd love to go back, we were out in the countryside a bit but so much more to see. One day relations will be open, just not in te next 6 years IMO. The surprise on the Tauck tour (they do something special that's not on the itinerary most tours) is on the way to the farewell dinner, everyone got into old car's from the 50's and 60's and were driven around town for 45 minutes and the drivers gave sightseeing tips, all the women got kerchiefs ala Jackie O and we all joked to be careful as we were in convertables, well we thought it was funny

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Thanks for posting, I might do one more trip, Galapagos then be done. Hate boring others with my vacation pictures

If your vacation pics were boring, that would be one thing, but since they're not, please continue.

wow this is another bucket list trp... some day!