Considering Ecuador in January


Any takers?

I thought I deleted this thread. WTF.

Hell Yeah Sounds like Fune !!

What's the Quarantine liek for Siberian Husky in Ecuador ?

If it's just a night, I'm all in.

Otherwise,  I can't commit if he has to stay in some cage more than one night. He wants to go Hiking in the Hills and Valleys.

RU seious Stu?

I was putting it off till later as I heard Jan.>Feb. is very hot and humid. Want to spend a long time. Half at beach and other time in the hills. Now is good tim for shrooms. Weed is pretty much legal for up to 10g. You can rent an apartment by the beach with ac for $300=400 a month.  

Don't think HIM will be allowed on buses unless you rent a car.

Am seriously considering Las Galeras, Dominican Republic. On Airbnb can rent a 3 bedroom house with ac and pool on the coast for $800 a month(normally $2500). $20 a day for moped. Awesome beaches I hear. Some of the best in the Caribbean. 

But Ecuador would be more of an adventure and the DR is hard on pot smokers. Though apparently a lot of people smoke there.