Chile - Patagonia


Hello Traveling Zoners...

We will be flying south in January to do the "W Tek" in Torres del Paine.

Flying in to Santiago Jan 16/17, spending the night in Santiago.

Then flying to Puerto Natales Jan. 18 and starting the trek the following day.

Flying back to Santiago Jan. 22 and driving to the coast. Have a place booked in Zapallar for 4 nights and looking to explore that area of the coast.

Any suggestions in the Zapallar region, or Santiago while we're there?

Viajes felices!!

Enjoy summer!

Ken from Portland was there not too long ago, he would have good info for you.

Thanks Judit!

I have been in contact with Javs and I think Ken hooked us up. Javier is traveling down in the same area down south with his family when we're there. Might be able to cross paths...we will see.

Well, Ned is probably already on his trip to the Torres del Paine.  Have fun and post pictures!   Also, give my regards to Javs if you see him.   Let him know he is missed on this forum.

I miss Jav, too. Have fun, Ned, and yes, please post pics.

Hey Ned, you went? How was your trip?

Any pics?