What's your favorite easy image resizer?


The question came up in the "How to post images" thread. I don't know what kind of computer (or device) is being used. I hope Rick will step in and give us the info about that.

Might not be what you were asking ,but ImageMagick can do a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes on the server ... especially automated processing of images to constrain them to specific dimensions.


Wasn't what I was asking, FaceOnMars, but it certainly sounds like good information. Thanks.
The question was asked by a zoner so he'd have some control over the size of images he's posting.

we have a few options for controlling image dimensions directly in the new editor.

use the image button to insert an image, then click the image to bring-up a pop-up with very simple options.

if you're comfortable with html, you can click the source button to directly edit the image tag attributes.


there are also some great, free, online editors, out there, but i hope this info helps.

if you are using WINDOZE : As a tech guy  I've always liked IRFANVIEW for quick image viewing and simple image tasks like resolution and resizing, etc.


Totally free / No ad or spyware. 

Lightweight. You can have as many copies running as you launch. Easy menus.

Handles all image types and will displays animated ,gifs