Ubuntu firefox and vivalzone


Interesting that I can not go to vivalazone.org using the ubuntu firebox browser.  It simply goes nowhere.  However I can get to the site using the Ubuntu browser or Firefox on my windows tablet.   Strange.    I am not a tech savy guy at all so I would have no idea what the issue might be?  Not that its really that big a deal either I just find it interesting.

thank you for this info, dogpile, we're looking into it.

I'm running Firefox for Ubuntu 50.1.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS and have had no problems at all...

I am using Debian 8 with no problems. Both Firefox & Chromium work fine.
If I had to guess, I would think either a DNS issue or a security certificate issue.
Although if you had a Security Cert issue you would probably get a warning error.
Always make sure your time & date are set correctly.
If it was a DNS issue, it just would not load the site.  .......hmmmm  Good Luck

solid advice, dan, and i really appreciate you stepping-in.

dan is correct, if it was a cert issue, a server-side error page would load, so this does sound more like more a client-side dns issue: the local client cannot even access the server, thus no page, not even an error. dogpile, try clearing the dns cache for that stubborn firefox, especially if you used that browser to visit viva before 12/09, when we moved the site (to a new ip).

sometimes web browsers aggressively cache dns, they hold onto it for too long, and some versions of firefox are known for this. dns cache is not grouped with the standard browser cache, things like: history, cookies, passwords, etc. to clear firefox dns cache, try these steps, below, or you may need an add-on, link below:




good luck!

DNS issues are a constant problem for me sometimes. I have a Satellite ISP provider
that performs it's own DNS. I have no choice in the matter. It's the price you pay to live in
sticks. I would love to have a DNS provider choice. If my ISP does not clear it's cache I
would have problems like that.

Try ..... ipconfig /flush dns using the Windows command prompt. Hopefully that will clear things up.

  I have been able to access the site through  Ubuntu Firefox for a few weeks now.  I believe it was something that was done on the site developers end as I did nothing different.   Think I remember getting a message from Judit saying try now did and it worked.     I am absolutely not a tech guy and my code for linux consists of copy and past!  LoL.     I am having issues with the system in that  every few days my system fails to boot.  The sign that this is about to happen is the Firefox is running but not responding message.  When I reboot the system   drops to a busy box inframs prompt that I havnt been able to  do anything with.  I end up having to boot from flash drive and reinstall ubuntu.   I am sure there is a fix for this but I have not found it yet.   

If after a clean install of Ubuntu you are still having trouble, I would run a smart test
on your hard drive. Kinda sounds like you may have some bad sectors on that drive.

You are probably correct.  This is the old dropped, kicked,  cracked screen old toshiba that just keeps a going.  I will have to look into this smart test you speak of.  I never dropped a laptop until I got this one and it has been down many times.  Once I had it sitting on my little table in front of the recliner  not quite far enough away and when I kicked open the foot rest to said recliner it hit the laptop and it with flipping through the air crashed to the floor.  That was a couple years ago and here I am typing on said laptop.  HA HA

Smart test shows disk ok with 6344 bad sectors.  That don't sound so OK to me but what do I know?   Not much! 

The smart test will found some bad sectors on any hard drive. The good thing is
now that you have run smart, those sectors will be marked as bad & the disk will
no longer write to those sectors. If the Grub bootloader was written to any bad
sectors you would see the boot problems you had.