Time Stamp Anomalies...


Possible spelling error there.

I am sure it's unimportant, but just something I noticed.

Replying to a weather thread, my post-time shows 2:19 AM, yet the thread title shows 2:22 AM. Perhaps there is a gap between clocks ??

No idea, simply reporting a technical glitch. I'm certain it is of no concern, but I wanted to mention that observation.


Perhaps there is a gap between clocks ??

good eye, stu!

the pz had unique and nuanced post count functionality, which we've mimicked on viva: thread list pages display the last post, while individual posts on the thread detail page display the latest edit.

When are the thread colors going to correspond with when there's a new post?


Just can't get with it, this way.

that is in fact a todo, dear felina, not to be ignored and important to many. thank you.

Thanks man....