Some other browsers & VivaLZ...


So on my antiquated Dell laptop with Windoze 7, I run Opera and Avant browsers. Avant has emulation modes for Chrome, Firefox, IE.

VLZ functions under all/most of that (never use IE emulation). 

If anyone is keeping track, that's been my experience.

thank you, stu! :) we know we have a sizable group of zoners with older tech, so i hope this information is helpful to others.

important note for those using older browsers: the TLS 1.1 protocol is defunct after it was exploited about two years ago, continuing to use web browsers with this older protocol compromises encrypted connections, putting at risk sensitive activities like banking, webemail, social media, etc. the viva crew strongly recommends zoners upgrade to web browsers that employ TLS 1.2, the patched version of the security protocol.

use this site to check your browser