Mobile login issue


So I'm still unable to log in to the new (sic) Zone from my mobile, which is a HTC One M8 running Android 6.21.605.3.


Password attempted works from my laptop? WTF?


Is this a device issue, does anyone know?


I did reset my password via this connection, but when tried on my mobile, still not recognizing login/password as valid. Now locked IP for too many attempts.

So I now also have tried requesting a new password, but the page says headlight is not a recognized user name? Have also tried my e-mail address used when registering and it is also reportedly not recognized.

Headlight, let me see if I can look at this and help you with the password problem, even if I can't help with the phone login. Lava or HeyDavey will have to come along for that. 

You'll hear from me directly, soon.

Check your email


Thanks! That didn't help, but appreciate the effort.


Seems to be a problem with recognizing my Username via the phone.

I get to https://www.vivalazone/user to try and login and then I get the system error "Sorry, unrecognized username or password"

Then under Username field headlight is in red with outline around it also in red.

Obviously using same credentials to login on my laptop to update this. So not really certain what the issue may be. I did hit the new zone from my laptop first via the mail which was sent out, so perhaps it is something related to not recognizing my device?

Lava presume you've got my email, so if and when you want to troubleshoot this, just shoot me a note.




headlight, i cannot find an email from you ~ would you mind sending again, to the address in my profile?


When you hit 'edit profile' in the zone, the most recent (past 20?) posts that you wrote were listed.

Who can remember what threads you jumped w/out this?




thanks, headlight!

felina, I don't remember that feature in 'edit profile' but I didn't edit very often. Does the threads changing colors give you similar information?