people send me links to new apps that i think are pretty cool. im sure that many here have apps they get a kick out of. got anything new?

someone sent me a text with a link to

shows folks where you are in a gps format. pretty cool

i use the vsco app for taking pictures on all ios devices, ipads and phones, find it better than apples camera app.

Sputnik! -  for viewing ISS and Iridium Flares.  It's fun if you are camping or outdoors on a clear night.



TurboScan is a scanner that I have on iPhone and iPad 2. The camera is better on the iPhone, the scans are clean and clear, better than the iPad. Once scanned, documents are turned into PDFs and can be emailed or texted (or printed). It's been amazingly helpful and efficient in dealing with documents of all types.

RElisten is a blast to use for searching the internet archive,

but everyone here probably already knows that!