Admin - what happened to my "Add a message" box ??


Is it just me or has the format changed? I can't post pics anymore--or fonts -- there are no options. - what the hell. Did I miss something ? Can ye clue me in on the "new rules" or instructions?? thanks jock

Yikes! I don't know what happened to your Add a Message box. There was no change site-wide and mine is here.

A couple of things to try that might help return it: Restart your computer, dump cookies (if not all, at least the Viva one). Try those and let us know. I'll get in touch with lava if one of those doesn't help. By the way, if you delete the viva cookie I think you'll have to change your stored password.

Ok thanks Judit - I've tried a couple of those but still no joy. will advise

I'll ask lava to check this thread to start him off. Could you please post what device you're using? If you're using more than one, is the Add a Message missing on all?

Just an iMac

Okay, I'll pass it along and hope it's resolved soon.