Teds Last Dance


Yes he still balling, graduated last winter and is playing/working on his Masters.

Covid year push in 2020, blew his knee before 2021.

He is fully recovered from a total knee rebuild and is so ready to hit.

Pads on last week and all the incoming Freshman want to take on lil Teddy. Bodies scattered on the practice field.

First game is on September 1st. Lets Go Tigers.

Good luck to him. Hope it is a great and pain free season.

Thanks, Tim. Ted continues to sound like a hard-working dedicated person, as well as formidable.

I'm looking forward to hearing good things about the next season.

Ted is the starting right guard at 6/6 360#

Right tackle is 6/9 440#

800 pounds on the right side, coach said they plan on running the ball between these 2 behemoths till they stop it, if they can.

Ted played all positions on the line over the years, he likes the guard spot the best, he gets to pull and block on some plays. When he gets a 4-6 yard head of steam rollin.....look out.

Thursday is kick off.

Lets go Tigers.


Sky was yellow and the sun was blue

Communications major, not to shabby Ted.

Good communicator, for sure.

Thursday the 1st was the teams first game. Conference game on the road at Northwest Missouri,

They lead into the last drive of the first half but gave up 3 scores halfway through the 3rd.

Playing catch up offense is ugly and dangerous. Ted gave up a sack when he rolled his ankle. The first in 14 games.

They lost 33-19.

Ted is back and moving around fair, they will tape his ankle and his cleat to his leg, he has no desire in getting a shot.

Chance the QB is out with a hyper extended knee. The Freshman is starting and Ted said he is the real deal.

Kick off tonight is at 8 eastern against a solid conference opponent Missouri Western.

Shake off the funk, get your heads right and let's go Tigers.

Another fall behind game with catch up offense. Ugly.

35-19 loss

Game next week, the grind continues.

>>>>Sky was yellow and the sun was blue

nice shirt

Saturday they won on the road 51-14

300+ yards rushing, 800 pounds on right side of line. Use it coach.

Rolled ankle doing well, now has bruised hip and shoulder and a broken pinkie. Life in the trenches.

Flying out this weekend for home game.

Lets go Tigers

We flew out for one home game and due to flight problems we stayed for an away game in Nebraska

the home game they lost 24-25 in the final seconds even when having 6 turn overs


last night in Nebraska we were in it till the 4th when everything unraveled

lost 38-20

the option killed em

1-4 is a tough start

IT2.jpg#72 and #73 equals 800 pounds......Killed 6 rack of ribs after the game on Saturday night.


Never been afraid to show a lil skin


Sunset as the Captains take the field