Predict the 2020 MLB Season


As a Red Sox fan I see the AL :

East NYY, Central Cle, West Houston, WC Bost, TB


East DC, Central Mil, West LA,  WC Philly,St L


What cha got?

and when you are done, predict the 2019 MLB season  :)

For 2019 your AL predictions are hard to argue with.

NL? Agree w/ west and central. East is wide open. But probably Nats. Phillies will contend as will Atlanta and the Mets.      Rockies will get a wc. Whoever is second in east will get the other.

Our big story this year in DC is how well Juan Soto responds after the Harper trade and how well Harper does in Phili and this naturally makes the Nats Phillies matchups more interesting. We invested in pitching and let Harper walk, hard to disagree with that approach.

AL: East - Red Sox; Central - Cleveland; West - Houston WC NYY, TB

NL: East - Nats; Central - STL; West - LA WC - Braves, MIL




Houston Atlanta WS....


Kid Nobles for Nats may be as good as

The Yankees hit 300 home runs this season 



Marlins 100+ loss season

The Yankees hit 300 home runs this season 

agreed but what's the o/u? speaking of which , how can the red sox o/u be 94 1/2? they won 108 last year, kelly and kimble are 14 games better than this team ? i don't think so. kelly was a non factor all year until october and kimble reminded me of benetez (sp) when he pitched for the mutts, you never knew what to expect. if i lived in vegas or god forbid nj i'd bet the over on that one

The Sox # going down has alot more to do w them just returning to Earth this year, AND due to fact, that Vegas has to think that other teams will be getting better this year...both of those factors come into play effecting their projected # much more than the losses of Kelly, and Kimbrel.

>but what's the o/u?


Yankees? I'll go 96

Phillies? 87

Happy Opening Day...(oakland seattle in japan...)


Balls are flying out of park...small park in japan, or sign of the times? (Think there has been 5 homers in first 6 -7 innings)

The SF Midgets will suck A$$ again and Midgets fans everywhere will freak out again!!!!! They will win less than half their games this season.

My cousin singing the National Anthem at the Met's home opener:


I predict that she's going to be performing on Broadway for years to come!

I predict the 2019 World Series will be between The Minnesota Twins and The Chicago Cubs !!

Watch out....Sox are gettin hot.....

>>My cousin singing the National Anthem at the Met's home opener

Nicely done.

LFGM! - Take this series against the Braves and maybe I'll start to believe again.

I feel confident my prediction comes true tonight.

Lets go Braves!


Astros Braves world series


Astros in 6

Minnesota Twins clinch the central Division- GO TWINS !!!

Twinkies need a prayer....or 3.

White Sox

Braves vs evil empire in 2020 ws


Last year my preseason prediction was astros braves....i got one in, but , not the one i wanted...


Hpfly, the Bravos resign josh donaldson....theyre loaded at pitching, and Acuna and Albies will lead this team to a title one of these years


Most improvdd team: the reds


Sleeper: San Diego

I'm optimistic the South Siders will finally compete in the AL Central. The 4 year rebuild they have been working on for the last 8 years is coming to fruition.

Picked up Keuchel and Gio Gonzalez to provide much needed innings in the rotation to go with Lucas Giolito.  Kopech and Carlos Rodon will be coming back from TJ surgery.

Moncada, Anderson, Abreu and Jimenez is a solid core.

Minor league studs Nick Madrigal 2B/SS and Luis Robert OF expected to be called up.

New additions - Grandal, Encarnacion, Mazara

Reinsdorf has some more money to spend. Puig has been named in the rumor mill. Castellanos would be nice but he probably wants a long term deal that the sox aren't willing to offer.

Still some pieces of the puzzle to fill and unproven young talent, but talent in the pipeline nonetheless.

Go Sox!


The Giants are going to be bad. Very bad.

But they seem to be putting the rudimentary pieces together to not be so bad, and maybe even be good again.

I'm turning 60 this summer. I hope I live to see that.

^^ ,for sure, i forgot to mention white sox....they are def in running for most improved....and if the Red Sox trade Mookie???


I may have to change my Sox after being a fan for 50+ years....

AL East   NYY

AL Central   White sox

AL west Astros unless Angels trade for a couple aces.

WC  Minn, TB

NL East  Nats again I think.

NL Central  Everyone but Pittsburg could win here. Lookout for the Reds

NL West  Fucking blue bastards

WC   Maybe Philly, Look for San Diego to surprise.  Maybe the second place team from the Central.

>>>I may have to change my Sox after being a fan for 50+ years...

Jambone, you and your new sox are welcome on the bandwagon.  Feel free to bring Mookie with you.

Thanks, I-Man, but, it looks like im good fir at least one more year....;)

Good for you and the Carmines. See you in the ALCS, hopefully...

Braves signed Ozuna....nice!!!!

I reserve the right to amend before opening day

Yanks, Twins, Astros 

White Sox and Rays 

Atlanta , Reds , LA

Philly and Nats

Braves want a re=do on Ozuna

WS Game #3 Philly vs the cheatin' Houston Assoles

Philly has won game 3 of the WC and NLDS, and will win tonight!