My first big arena show

That must have been a hell of a show!

I was in L.A and Berkeley in 1968. I was teaching school in L.A. (Culver City, No. Hollywood and Laurel Canyon on different days), living in a flat on the beach in Malibu that belonged to a friend. She was generously allowing me to live there while she lived elsewhere in L.A. She paid the rent and the phone bill. I'd been living in No. California before the Fall of '66 and when I moved to L.A. it was pretty cush to not only be on the beach but have no phone bill. It would have been even more cush if I'd been paid more than I was for teaching, but at least I also got free gas as part of the Culver City gig. Of course, gas was around 25-50¢ a gallon, so it wasn't that big a deal. I also went to Montana (as a governess) for a month or so and then moved to Berkeley. I was happy to get back in the Bay Area. That was my 1968.

Yes, it was amazing 

contributed to altering my life's path where music was so important to me

 Not that opinion's matter, but Clapton was the weakest of the three (ok less strong is a better way to say that)

 Ginger Baker led the way in amazement and Bruce did the most 

One anecdote was that we smiled three joints while on the floor of the VW bus while on traffic 

and I didn't get high.  It took several smoking before I reached an inverse tolerance and started to het high from pot

judit your life has been cool, and you are too. You have been lucky / blessed  and that helped make you the awesome person that you are. Xox