G. Love acoustic

G. Love kicked off his acoustic tour in Florida on Tuesday in Key West. We caught hin in Stuart at my local venue on Thursday 5-11.

Terra Fermata is an outdoor venue that holds 550 people. It is a very cool place. It has all kinds of different chairs and tables scattered around paths, trees, and little hide a ways. There are backgammon, chess, checkers, janga, hook ring, cornhole and many other games and activities around the place. It is strung with all kinds of holiday light strings to keep a low profile chill feel to it. They have music there 6 or 7 days a week and about every 2 weeks a national act will swing by. Saw Poppa Chubby there 2 weeks ago for $5 and it was a great show. Sad to say there was probably less than 150 people there. Every out of town act one time or another has said "this place is the coolest place we have ever played at" Kinda makes me proud.

It was a packed house with a bit of a younger crowd than I am used to. There were a lot of 25-30 year old surfers and it was a chick filled show. That is always a plus. He came out promptly at 8:30 and played till our very strict 10 pm curfew. He played 4 different guitars and plays the mouth harp. Technically he is a fair guitar player relying on a lot of his metal slide. He in my opinion, plays a good harmonica.  A lot of his songs sound alike and by the end of the night it seemed he only played 3 different songs. he is energetic and a fun guy to see live. The highlight of the show for me was a half of Steppenwolf  Pusher Man.

It was one of the worst talking crowd I have ever been to. Drunk surfers and packs of girls just yakking about everything and everything. G told the crowd 3 times to shut up that did very little to simmer down the crowd. The drunks were pushing and shoving to get to the stage to show G that they were too drunk to dance worth a fuck. 3 different people got close and spun themselves till they fell on the ground. I thought it was some sort of new surfer dance move but it wasn't it was just a drunken shuffle.

Overall $29 is a good price in 2017 to see a national act but I don't think I would go out of my way to see him again. Sorry G but if you are doing a solo tour you should wow us with some better Geetar skills and no I don't agree with you that Philly has the best girls in the world.




Great review, Tim! Nice to read about a show I wouldn't have thought of going to, in what sounds like a lovely venue (except for the audience).


Saw him @ Festie's (with a band) back when he had a minor hit - mid 2000's Vibes & somewhere else - entertaining mix of pop, hip hop, folk, blues, etc - he definitely played much jammier sets @ these jam festies than his "usual" sets (I'd listened to bootlegs of some of his other "regular" shows).  And yes a huge crowd of youngsters/hot chicks showed up just to see him, most of them not very "in tune" with the music.  Thankfully they all left when his set was over.  Sorta like the fan base of the Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, & Avett Brothers in more recent years.  And yeah, the whole "I'M FROM PHILA" schtick did get annoying after like 5 min's, especially so since I'm from Phila.

Cool review, Tim. Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys in July.

I just purchased Poppa Chubby tickets for June as per your suggestion.