What do the Dems stand for?




absolutely nothing


violence and deception is their game

the big con

it's not working so well anymore

what bathroom gender confused people can use


open borders..let anyone and everyone into this country



violence....No justice no peace

what do they want? Dead cops..Dead Republicans


Islamic terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam..


poor guys

so confused









Jeronimo Yanez is a punk ass coward.

Capitol police are arresting disabled people in wheelchairs who are protesting GOP Trumpcare.

One thing the Dems stand for is socialism

hence the popularity of the socialist Bernie Sanders.


Socialism has been around for a long time

it doesn't seem to work so well...in fact its been a disaster.


maybe the Dems should find something else to stand for.

Do you understand the difference between socialism and communism? I'm guessing no. 

Socialism and free markets working together in healthcare seems to work for Germany, France, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom & Canada. 

Who do republicans stand for? Making lives better for upper middle class and rich whites and nobody else!

If the other sides the boogie man then you don't have to look in mirror.