Otto Warmbier dead


Father of student released by North Korea criticizes Obama administration



Warmbier also critiqued the Obama administration when asked what more could have been done to obtain his son's release before Trump took office.


"The question is, do I think the past administration could have done more?" he said. "I think the results speak for themselves."



 Obama Traded A Deserter For 5 Taliban Leaders


Obama had access to this intelligence long before he made his Taliban deal. So why did he trade a known deserter — and likely enemy sympathizer, if not collaborator — for five enemy commanders that he acknowledged posed a national security risk? And why did he glorify Bergdahl as a war hero?

To justify the release from Gitmo of five hardened terrorists who would never have been released otherwise and to help close down Gitmo. This was all part of a political strategy.




gotta close Gitmo

its cruel to keep the Islamic terrorists cooped up like that..

Trump could have flown over there on 6/21/2017 and rescued him. He probably played golf instead.