Zoner call-to-action: Pls send me good energy 4 job interview @1:30PM PST today!


hey all, hope your holidays were good... i'm done w/ too much brown food and was mostly thankful for the 6 miles of hiking last Thu/Fri, LOL.
now back to the job hunt. 

though it's not as far north as i'd like, i'm excited about a sr. media relations manager job in east bay with The Greenlining Institute.  

interview #1 happens at 1:30pm pst today, so please send thoughts of support my way. 

i love their mission and there's a lot of overlap with my projects in Portland.


though i haven't heard back yet, the next interview i'm hoping for is with AlaskaAir, based at SFO, so i can fly to more music, hee hee. 

Good luck Llollo!


((((((((T minus 90 minutes to dream job)))))))

Good luck, LLOLLO. 67 minutes away. 

I just sold three Earth Care card display racks after 23 days on the classifieds to the only person who ever inquired. Only sitting in the back of my garage for 26 years. Retirement = clean out the garage! 

And my wife just got notified her first SS checks are now in her account. So the juju is good here in Salty Town and headed your way. Hope you get what you want.   

Sending you the good juice. I hope it's a great fit and you get the job starting with interview number two. Number one will be a thing of the past very soon. Good luck!

Positive job thoughts headed your way, LLOLLO. And thanks for the brown food reference; it made me laugh (and think of cranberries).

You got this


In just in time to wish you GOOD LUCK!

if it works , its for you! good luck , from the fire pit in poechesteh, and the andy lunch in Lyon don

't forget to mention you'll need a few days off in March!

Thanks all, glad I peeked! 
Deep breathing in play!
My Zoom background won't blur so they'll just have to see my remaining moving pile for tomorrow.

ooooh March?  quel secrets connais-tu, Thomas? ;)

You got this!

Just got a job offer today so I don't need my luck anymore. Hope it works for you. 

Good luck!!!   (with your skill sets, you got this!!!)

Y~O~U _____ G~O~T _____ T~H~I~S.

Kxela, very cool you got a job offer today, big congrats! 

...and woo hoo for Slickrock, too!

My interview was super casual and friendly, what a relief.  I'll find out next week if I get to interview with the team. 

The salary is average but the benefits make up for it... .and it's really the mission that makes me want to go for this one as it seems like my experience would be appreciated.

It would be an in-office job most days, which I'm fine with after all these months of introspective navel-gazing isolation -- and best part is that it begins in January, so I could still see Leftover Salmon for NYE!

There's a new opening with City of SF... going to make myself apply for that one, too.
I've tried to pretend that I could work at an agency or tech job... but it's just not me... every time I read the descriptions I'm instantly bored. :)

Thanks again to everyone, whether you posted or not, I'm feeling the good rays.

Best of Luck Kid..

^^^ "kid"?  you're killin me Coyotte, but thanks for the good luck. 

kid-in-spirit? absolutely!

If you are interested in working for the state I just used this guy to get my foot in the door. It is a completely different hiring process. He is really good at what he does but costs about $900 if you go all in with him which for me was more than worth it. 

^^^ Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look.

I got invited back for round 2 with team... that will happen next Thursday!

(((((((Zoner energy rules)))))))

Congrats, LLOLLO!  

Stuart Smalley.jpg

Nice. Keep us posted.

Wow, good for you Llollo.  See you Sunday in Petaluma, Andy


Good deal. I hope it all goes well.

Best o' luck, zoner.