Would winning a job at Live Nation be like......


.... working for the devil? ;)

There's a remote / virtual concerts communications manager job open with monster company Live Nation -- they have so many job opportunities around the world in talent handling, production, venue roles, tech, all kinds of stuff. 

This passage from the job description page caught my eye: 

We recognize that our most important assets are our employees, the rock stars who keep the live experience going. Generous vacation, healthcare, and retirement benefits are just some of the great perks we offer to support our global workforce of more than 38,000. For any stage in your career, our many unique benefit programs are designed to help you live life to the fullest.

We offer student loan repayment to support recent grads, six months of paid caregiver leave to support new parents, perks like Roadie Babies (bring your little ones & a caretaker along with you on work trips) and tuition reimbursement to fuel your ongoing professional development. Plus, working for the world's largest live event and ticketing company means you'll have access to free concerts, festivals, sports games, and more through our exclusive employee ticket concierge.

So, I could work from home, live in any town I want, and get free tickets to music and sport events? 

Because I've always worked in public service, it sounds like fun.... and I give so much $ to them already when I buy tickets. 

If I were to win the job, would they seem less evil if I pass along tickets to Zoners? ;)


I'd say go for it. In your wheelhouse.

It seems like a good fit in many ways. Apply, and while you wade your way through the process it'll become clearer.


just watch out for the employee-paycheck-direct-deposit service fees...


I worked for them for a long time, and I suppose theoretically I still do. Never full-time (my choice a couple of times) and never in the business side of things, but I know plenty of folks who did & do work for them full-time.

Like any huge corporation there are plusses & minuses to working for them, I suppose most of it comes down to what you're doing and who you're working for and with. As for working for the Great Evil, in reality most organizations have some evil. Personally, I always justified it as being part of the solution, and that I was working for the show & the patrons, not so much for Live Nation.

I can tell you that in my experience and IMO their talk is MUCH longer than their walk (they love catchy slogans and glossy lip service, especially when talking about themselves) and if they decide they don't need you or can turn 3 jobs into one BIG job they'll bump you to the curb before you can blink, but what the hell, if the job is cool and the perks are OK, why not?

I mean, who wouldn't want to be...


^^^ oh I forgot your connection, thanks for your good comments...great advice, Judit... and Alan I love that image, LOL

As far as I can see, they don't even produce festivals I would enjoy going to.... Live Nation's PR team is allll over their HR page for sure!

I have other apps in line ahead of this one, but we'll see if i get to the application... i even had to apply for the permanent version (actually, a promotion) of the job i'm currently in (city govt), the thought of spending my time and energy to go through interviews when it feels like I've been on an 8-month interview busting my a** is annoying me.., just needed to make sure I'll have a job when my contract expires at end of October. 

corporate jobs are scary to me.

You may be an ambassador
To England or France
You may like to gamble
You might like to dance

You may be the heavyweight
Champion of the world
You might be a socialite
With a long string of pearls

But you're gonna have to serve somebody
Yes indeed, you're gonna have to serve somebody
Well it may be the Devil
Or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody

No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.


Well played you two, well played. 

If you don't do it you know somebody else will...

might as well try

A company that games the concert industry is pretty damn low on the list of "evil" corporations. Go look at the ideological leanings of many Fortune 500 companies and their nefarious Boards and you'll find an absolute cesspool of ethics and business practices that make LN look like a charitable organization. 


^I second that emotion. The quasi layer between corp & govt is telling as well.

I would think the real problem with getting a job with Live Nation would be that you'd be constantly hounded by zoners looking for a kind hook-up for tickets.

Do what you gotta do.

I've known a few LN employees.  They didn't seem evil, just kind of vanilla, which is okay if that's what you want or need.

It's not like you're applying to be the stenographer for the Klan, or becoming a "talent scout" for some sick bastard like Epstein.

Working for LN seems to safely fall in the "sometimes a job is just a job" category.

Best of luck in finding your bliss.