What is the new VLZ salute


.... or does it stay the same

Two - crossed at the knuckle.


(try it in the mirror)

Double barrel.

This is the Zone.

Zoner Salute.JPG

The fig sign is the leading contender...


Thumbing the nose?



The bird is the word.

Please anything besides the middle finger thing...

the secret handshake

you've heard of the hi five?....we do the hi four,

hand up, palm towards partner,

fold thumb across palm,

slap hi four,

say"Ouch!, we gotta change that"




Shaka works for me ! hawaiian style

I agree with canyon, retire the finger

No, No, No the middle finger must remain.  

Low class, like chris.

A peace sign, obviously.

"V" is for 'victory', and 'viva la zoners'

low class, like chris>>>>>>>>>>


Thanks that was nice.

Both middle fingers...

Canyon, do you have any suggestions for alternates? Fish? Creative ideas? If it changes, it'll be because someone suggests something that catches on. 



How about just smile at the camera without any preconceived hand gestures...or the Shaka or Jerry Finger  would  also be some suggestions...or the  V for Viva sound good too...or really anything besides the middle digit...

Here's a V sign. Could also extend the thumb straight out to make an L.


Judit the middle finger should stay sacred.    Come on it is a great way to either meat a Zoner, or get your ass kicked.  I am completely against any change of the Zoner sign.  The photos of Phil

doing it, and all other band members using it.  We must keep the middle finger.  

 it is a great way to either meat a Zoner<<<

How many zoners was it that you have meated?

Chris, it's a Zone decision, not mine. Canyon has had a stong feeling about it for a long time, possibly as strong as yours is. Some of the old traditions have changed, this one might, too. if the idea catches on.

I truly think it should stay the same.  That is all I will say about that.  :(

>>>> How about just smile at the camera without any preconceived hand gestures...



This  ^^^^^^


Right ON Canyon !





The Middle Finger is Worn Out and DUMB !







The zoner salute shall remain the same forever and always. I hope you have a huge problem with this.



you may not speak for the group, zip

It doesn't matter. No matter what the custies decide I'll continue using the salute. Old habits die hard.

If it's good enough for Phil and Jill it's good enough for me.






The basic construct here is respect, civility and keeping it kind. Make it easy for new people to join us without hazing. Keep it kind. We’re looking forward to having a community that women want to be part of, without harassment, and where people can come to have fun, share music, exchange information, be first with the news, provide support, and continue the spirit of a community. 


How did "fuck you" become the sign? 

Slacker, Slacker, Slacker, that is all I have to say about that.  

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Change is uncomfortable, just sayin'

When zoners got together back then we would get hella drunk. Like fall down drunk. Usually at a concert. It has to of been

around 2004 or so. I joined in 2002 and didn't start meeting y'all fuckers until around '04. Somewhere around that

time zoners started sharing pictures of themselves and of zoner gatherings. Some drunk motherfucker back East probably

flipped off the camera and a tradition was born. It is a form of endearment. Sarcasm... In the NE. "Fuck You" is like saying

hello among friends. In extreme cases it can also mean I love you. Of course you don't bust a strangers balls.

It gives me the warm fuzzies and brings back hella memories.




Try logging on to Philzone.org. It's broken. 








Oh, that picture made Me lol.

Zippy now I agree with you.  Yes the Zone is closed, but the traditions should continue.  I thought that was why Viva started up.  This is not a NBA franchise moving from one city to another.  Yes the

Seattle Super Sonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the team became the Thunder.  The Zone has changed ownership as well, but the middle finger moniker should stay the same.  The

community should stay the same as well.  

Not speaking about the salute in this post, but the community should continue, and continue to evolve. It won't stay the same, it's a living organism. 

More like Knights of Columbus or the Masons....somethings will never change, your not allowed too...

The Super Sonics moved? That is hella whack, Breh! 



Judit if we were in the same room right now I would give you the finger, in a loving way.  The community is evolving, and I am happy for that.  Thank you and your cohorts for continuing the Zone.

I thought this was all new now....fresh start, breath in deeply

I always took the bird to be a sign of the prankster. Most people are offended at it, but we see the trick of it. Fuck the norm. Be a freak. 


But, when one is a hippy for having pubic hair, I guess that doesn't mean much anymore. 

Floops do you like a hairy bush, and unshaven legs?  If so come to Oklahoma, and I can hook you up with some hotties.  

Pranksters were always very sarcastic. Kesey was from Oregon but from what I've heard about him he had a very Nor'easter 

attitude. I'm also from the Pacific NW. but I prefer the East coast. People can actually take a joke out there.



Tulsa, I like hairy ladies. FYI...



Zippy it is warmer here during the winter.  I might be able to find one to take you in, if you don't mind a little love juice squirted in your face.  :)


I like the ladies that dig the salute, I'm also okay with those that don't14914823_10103406898909129_351159296_n_0.jpg

Wow....that took a turn

Tulsa, you just violated the new zones guidelines. Apologize at once, Baller.



STFU Zippy, oh wait I did it again.  Probably a good think I don't have my son this weekend, and going to a friends house up the street to watch the game, or I could be banned for life tonight.  lol




I am watching you, Tulsa. btw I'm not leaving AK. for a long time.



Good luck up there Zippy.  My neighbor called, and we have decided to 




*toke*  before the game.  See you freaks later.  

^I don't know exactly what that is, but I'm intrigued....



Jaz, you are brillant!!!!


We can combine the middle finger with a "V" for VivalaZone, Victory, or Peace(?).


Salute 1.jpg


Salute 2.jpg

Nice psycho eye shot JohnnyD

Can we just rub our bellies and pat our heads and be done with it?


Ok, i didnt think so....how about ...a V sign, left handed....you know , making sure to show off your phil wrist bands...then we slowly raise the old zoner salute on right hand....then the right hand inserts extended middle finger between the V of the left hand while making a back and forth motion, and moaning...viva....viva la zone....., oh ya baby, viva la zone......????


But, i really havent given it much thought....

"I always took the bird to be a sign of the prankster. Most people are offended at it, but we see the trick of it. Fuck the norm. Be a freak."



Fuck You Pay Me

I'd be up for a change. I kinda like Johnny's suggestion. Gets the V in there and not that much of a change. Like an upgrade just like Viva is.




Ahhhhhhh- the dreaded shamey finger.  Works well for Jeannie though .cheeky 

Folks the Zoner dictionary has the middle finger shining brightly at the end.  Don't ever forget that.  


Smokey ~ from downtown.

Mike stole my nose ):


(((((Johnny's Mad Flying Eyeball)))))

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017 !!!





>>>What is the new VLZ salute


A flaccid penis?




I will echo Canyon's sentiment on the middle finger thing. Always found it classless, immature and even combative. Time for us all to be adults and just smile and wave like grownups.  

sorry about your problem felina

Thx, man.







!Salute! Zoners!



Holy fuck I've aged these six years. 

Floops, none of us are getting any younger.

holy shit i thought the dregs were back

and, after reading much of this, vote Mylar

but also:

og salute all day

and modern floo sighting! heynow>>hope all is as well as possible

> none of us are getting any younger

I could've sworn I was getting younger, but maybe that's just my decrepitude talking.