Weed on fire - again :(


From my mining community friends on FB, here's an account of the fire that's now engulfing Weed California;

<<Update 4pm: According to a neighboring homeowner, the first started at the old green warehouse building at Roseburg Forest Products. (burning building seen in photos below)

Update 3:44 Looking closely at video at least 63 homes have burned just in the neighborhood to the north of the RFP warehouse where the fire started.

Update 3:15 pm - lots of homes are burning in Weed. Very bad situation unfolding.

Update 2:55 pm. The fire is now 4 miles north of where it started and has already burned 1,228 acres as of 2:30 pm mapping. Very bad situation with lots of homes burning.

The Roseburg Forest products plant in Weed California is burning right now. There’s a wildfire that either came out of this or caused this that is burning into the town of Weed. I believe all of Weed is under mandatory evacuation.

This is setting up to be a really bad situation with homes burning as well. Please pray for the people of Weed! 

Photos by and with permission from Traci Miner>>






The initial reports I saw 




Meanwhile, the Cedar Creek fire near Waldo Lake in the Oregon Cascades is also exploding this afternoon!



The satellite pic is horrific. (saw infra red video from helicopter, catastrophic) 



Nightmare. Hoping for the best of possible outcomes.

They're still recovering from the bolles fire a few years ago. Weed lost a lot of homes in that one

Damn. Horrible. Hoping for containment, and safety for everyone. Lots of animals around there, too.

California, preaching on the burning shore


Vibes to the locals.



<<Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services

#MillFire is moving rapidly. Animal Control is on standby as we set up Animal shelters. We are working on the following: 

 Dog Shelter- Oberlin
 Large Animal - Fairgrounds 
 Animal Shelter- Rescue Ranch
 Working on additional Cat Shelter

Be Vigilant- if you are in an evacuation warning zone- BE READY TO GO! If you are in a MANDATORY evacuation zone, LEAVE NOW.>>

I know that "thoughts and prayers" gets overused after a school shooting, but it looks like Weed could use some for real right now.

It sounds like the winds are supposed to die down tomorrow at least:


Blog with updates... most recent update was 6:55 pm Pacific time

explosive fires... so tragic


Vibes for the folks in Weed.

I get nervous this time of year for the last few - only one exit from this section of our road.

Hi Gary 

^^^ eye-c-ewe, Bss


update on the fires near Weed... 

"As of late Saturday night, the Mill Fire which started in the outskirts of Weed in Siskiyou County on Friday afternoon had grown to 4,254 acres and is 25% contained. The suppression efforts have been surprisingly successful and the fire is much less active and firefighters are hopeful.

According to Cal Fire, at least 132 structures have been affected and 50 completely destroyed. Three civilians have been injured.

The Mountain Fire which started southwest of the Mill Fire about three hours later on Friday has grown even larger than its elder brother. The Mountain Fire had grown to [about 6,451 acres by mid-morning Sunday] and is only 5% contained. It is burning in rugged terrain and has made short runs across the crowns of trees and sent spots ahead of it."


I checked with friends in Weed who live just off Hwy 97, just a few minutes east of I-5 and old Weed main street.  They had evac orders, 1 stayed behind to protect the house...seems the situation improved slightly yesterday. They are waiting for restoration of power before all family members return.