Way way Baked


Clade  ~ private reserve 9 -truly a nice dense so good smelling buds

3 shots sips of 

casamigos blanco

1 gummy of marionberry

billy strings psychedelic furs and some Sick 1975 springsteen listen /coolcheeky playing ' on deck



> 1 gummy of marionberry


The Wyld marionberry gummies are my go to cannabis product. I grow and typically don't buy cannabis, but at a fixed 10 mg dose, those gummies are predictable and manageable for going about day day business (especially compared to homemade edibles).   They are also only $13 for ten, so it is very affordable.   Only gripe is that they tend melt in the car in hot weather forming one glob that makes it hard to messure dosage.  

That's why I asked, Ken. I'm a big fan of them too.

I just restocked over the weekend, and found they now have a sour cherry flavor that's the same indica formulation as the marionberries. I haven't tried them yet, but I expect them to be just as tasty and reliable as what I'm accustomed to.