Ukraine update: Russian Forces stranded in Kherson?


Apparently all bridges crossing the Dniepro river on the eastern (Russian) side of Kherson Oblast have been destroyed, thus leaving 22,000 Orcs severed from logistical support.

Or not:



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The HIMARS are indeed a game changer and are hammering the Russians' supply depots, bridges, and command posts, but the invaders have also had months to dig in and the counteroffensive against those defensive positions can be a real meat grinder.   Wishing the Ukrainian armed forces the best and if my good tax money is going to fund the military industrial complex, might as well continue to put it to good use.

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Ukraine signals major push in Kherson.

Russians move forces from the Eastern (Kharkiv) region to support Kherson.





The information the Pentagon has received from this war has to be equivalent or more to the knowledge gained in the War of the Falkland Islands. 

The war machine has to dig this shit.

Ukraine’s stunning counteroffensive in Kharkiv is the type of military action that will be written about and analyzed for decades, maybe centuries.

With rapid speed, the defenders have cut through Russian-occupied positions over the past four days, recapturing as many as 2,500 square kilometers of terrain, according to the Washington-based think tank the Institute for the Study of War, an area roughly equivalent to the combined area of the cities of New York and Los Angeles. Ukraine has also claimed to have killed upward of 1,000 Russian soldiers in as many days, although that figure cannot be independently verified.

But both Russian and Ukrainian sources are in rare agreement about a number of developments.

Both acknowledge that the Russian occupiers have fled Izyum, a strategically important city that the Russian army had been using as its headquarters for operations in the area for months. Ukrainian troops have been visually confirmed to be in the center of Kupyansk, another city in Kharkiv, and Russian forces are said to be retreating from the third of it that they still hold. Kupyansk is a key railway hub and a strategically important location for the Russian army, at the intersection of several railway lines. Unlike NATO nations, Russia's logistical model is based mainly on moving materiel by train, with motorized transport responsible only for a small distance, at the end of the journey.

The town of Balakliya has also been completely liberated, according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, which posted a video of Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of Ukrainian Land Forces, standing in the center of the town as soldiers raise Ukraine's gold-and-blue flag. Other videos show emotional Ukrainian residents greeting their army in Balakliya.

Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman for Russia’s Ministry of Defense, confirmed Russian troops’ withdrawal from Balakliya and Izyum, describing what certainly looks like a rout as a decision to “regroup in order to boost efforts in the Donetsk area.”

Ukraine’s campaign has, remarkably, pressed beyond Kharkiv into occupied Donbas.

Zelensky had something to say today


Russian Defense Ministry gives update on situation:

Russian Retreat.jpg

>Ukraine’s stunning counteroffensive in Kharkiv is the type of military action that will be written about and analyzed for decades, maybe centuries.


I'm no war scholar, but I can't believe Ukraine is the first to use the classic bait and switch maneuver



What's most fascinating to me is how the plans were kept secret in this day and age..

One F(Ukrainian Flag)K PUTIN sticker left.

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Putin has called up 300,000 reservists and there is a now a long line at the Finnish border of people fleeing the country and flights out of Russia to the few countries that still allow them in are completely sold out.  "How to break an arm" is trending on the Russian interwebs.  

They passed a law that airlines can't sell tickets out of the country to men under the age of 65. Wasn't it a week ago that Tucker said by any objective measure Russia was winning the war, and remember that if Republicans win the house in November they will cut off all funding to Ukraine right after they start the Fauci war criminal hearings. 

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It's being reported that new Russian conscripts are being shipped out to the front with no training.  What could go wrong?

But many thousands of potential conscripts are continuing to say "fuck this shit" and are fleeing the country, especially in ethnic areas in eastern Russia.

Seeing as how Russia doesn't have the supplied to feed or arm those conscripts, it works out to not train them.

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Roger Waters should just do a Ukrainian tour, everyone should dose, and then they could all go home and do something more constructive than slaughtering each other.