Trump Campaign Collusion With The Russians?!

 If the WSJ story on Flynn colluding with Russia is true, Trump *knew* Russia was hacking in *Summer 2016*. Which changes *everything*.

- Seth Abramson

Keep clinging to the fantasy.  What ever gets you through the night.

They have a better chance of getting him with obstruction than they do collusion.

There is a whole lot of "he thought" and "implied" surrounding this story right now as it stands. 


As always though, I stand by with torch amd pitchfork ready for the smoking gun.

Keep waving it, Thom



money laundering - thats where theyre gonna get them all

Pat Bagley from the Salt Lake Tribune today

Trump Slime (2) (640x454).jpg

They have Flynn and Manafort in a pinch.

We will see if Flynn is a good little soldier and takes the rap for Donald.

Manafort, however, is no soldier, and will sing like a bird. Should be interesting.

Eh, so what?  It is just a  little (alleged ) collusion amongst global 1%ers, They want to make America great again. Sometimes lines need to be blurred to get the desired outcome. You will be grateful when we are back to our God-given greatness.

The thing that will sink Trump is there is no one that will go to jail to save him. Even his family will turn on him in a second. Just like he taught them. 

Rule number one, it's not the act it's the coverup. 

Rule number two, everyone forgets rule number one.

The Major Development in the Russia Collusion Story Trump Desperately Wants You to Ignore

New reports link Michael Flynn to hacking and expose the president's business ties to the former USSR.

By Heather Digby Parton / Salon

June 30, 2017, 7:15 AM GMT

Heather Digby Parton, also known as "Digby," is a contributing writer to Salon. She was the winner of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism.

money laundering - thats where theyre gonna get them all<<



Maybe even pre-Potus.

Dan, I dislike Trump as much as the next guy, but articles like the one you just posted are part of the problem. They are highly partisan opinion pieces.

What the hell is "Opinion and Analysis Journalism?" Blogging?

Both the left and right love their opinion journalists, and they both call those opinions fact.

We all need to be above that shit.

Good Morning...

Next up...

Steve Bannon, Kelly Anne Conway, and Sam Clovis



>> Keep clinging to the fantasy.  What ever gets you through the night.

Exercise and a good diet get me through just fine...


>>As always though, I stand by with torch amd pitchfork ready for the smoking gun.






yet no criticism or hand wringing about obama knowing about possible russian interference with elections, blowing it off, then lying to the public about it ("it can't happen because the elections are so decentralized"). if hrc had won nothing would have been said at all. since it didn't end the way it was "supposed to", there's all this angst now.

Hillman, that talking point is played. It doesn't matter who won. A foreign nation purposefully interfered in our elections. Get past your petty partisan BS and start giving a fuck about our country. If you can't see that this is bigger than party politics, well...keep on truckin'.

>>if hrc had won nothing would have been said at all

We don't know that for sure - after all Alex Jones does exist - but I'm thinking you mean nothing would have been said by the mainstream media and that is probably true.


>>since it didn't end the way it was "supposed to", there's all this angst now

There was plenty of angst pre-election as well - thus the two shitty choices the 2 major parties gave us to vote on. I voted this past fall in many local races, but did not vote for any candidate for President. I voted for nobody for President.

From what I understand, Obama did nothing because of party politics. He believed that if it was made public, the Reps would call BS and say he was trying to fix the elections. He was probably right.

He had a cyber attack planned on Russia, but left it to Trump to decide.

of course it's party politics and is emblematic of the problems with the entire fucking political system. doesn't change the fact that the then-president did absolutely nothing about it or that there's no criticism or diatribes by the media about said lack of action or lying.


i didn't vote for president this time either, and frankly, not in the 3 elections prior to 2016. it's just a damn shame that possibly the most qualified person to run for the office won't do it because of the fucking circus that ensues.

The real problem with presidential politics is that we're being asked to choose between 1984 (Republicans/Neocons/Nazis) and Brace New World (Democrats/Neolibs/Globalists).


There's got to be a third way.

Oops - that should be "brave", obv.




yet no criticism or hand wringing about obama knowing about possible russian interference with elections, blowing it off,<<


Yeah, no. 

McConnell, dude.


<<<smiley 73guy on Friday, June 30, 2017 – 08:05 am

They have a better chance of getting him with obstruction than they do collusion.

There is a whole lot of "he thought" and "implied" surrounding this story right now as it stands. 


As always though, I stand by with torch amd pitchfork ready for the smoking gun





Wasnt that far off two years ago.




    "By the way, the declassification process will start this week. There are going to be documents released I think by Wednesday. The Attorney General, as I understand it, is in the process of getting it ready to come out. There are going to be some of the Devin Nunes documents he requested and then a series of other releases will come after that. Because Durham is progressing very, very quickly in his criminal investigation. This is not a “view” of what went on. This is a criminal investigation of senior DOJ and FBI officials from the Obama administration and intelligence people including John Brennan. This is a federal grand jury. This is not a review. This is not an IG audit. This is not some congressional research group look at history. This is a criminal investigation of a bunch of people who tried to seditiously overthrow the president."

    -Joe diGenova 7.30.19


     You should spend less time cutting & pasting memes and more time figuring out what just happened.

Hey Bryen have you learned how to go fuck yourself yet? 


     Stay classy 

Don’t try to be normal -     nice edit btw - not sure of yourself huh? 

You should bet the house on the Badgers, since you asked 


     All the best...tomorrow may be a fairly significant development, but by all means continue to frolic around in the parallel universe, at some point it will be common knowledge, so there's that.


     As always, brilliant...well done Druba, I'm sure there must be more memes where that came from, you have a genuine knack for it, strong contribution!

Stay classy eat my assy

Judiciary committee taking a look at Mueller grand jury docs Barr was delaying.

rut roh Bry lots of lawyers on that committee

Val Demings, Ted Lieu, Steve Cohen (my boy), Eric Swalwell, Hakeem Jeffries & Pramila Jayapal going to have a field day

Judiciary committee subpoenas are going to be next hammer to drop.


     You're mistaken...I believe you believe that, but you're mistaken.  We are on the precipice of checkmate, once that occurs you'll realize your point as moot.


So I read your article Bryen, thanks for finally seeing what the rest of us have seen for years, even decades, here's a few things that stood out to me;  


<<On 31 July 2016, the FBI opened a covert counterintelligence investigation codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane” into the then presidential candidate’s possible collusion with Russia.

The investigation was eventually taken over by the special counsel Robert Mueller, who has said there were “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election” by Russia.

Mueller’s 448-page report did not establish a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, but it did identify incidents in which Trump attempted to obstruct justice in the investigation, and did not clear the president of wrongdoing.>>


<<In his text message about the August 2016 meeting, Fleming appeared to be making a reference to Peter Strzok, a senior FBI official who travelled to London that month to meet the Australian diplomat Alexander Downer. Downer had agreed to speak with the FBI about a Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, who had told him that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee in the race. The meeting was first reportedby the New York Times.>>


<<The Guardian reported in 2017 that Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives. GCHQ became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they said.

Strzok and almost every senior FBI official who was involved in the initial Trump investigation has since left the FBI, including McCabe. In many cases, they were dismissed by Trump officials>>


    "So I read your article Bryen, thanks for finally seeing what the rest of us have seen for years, even decades, here's a few things that stood out to me;"

     First off, congratulations on the thirty words of original content, albeit somewhat's genuine progress and your efforts should be encouraged, we can advance the discussion only so far when one side is regurgitating memes.

     The conventional wisdom is now that there's been a change in leadership in the United Kingdom coinciding with the public bankruptcy of the failed coup stateside we're going to see the pieces on the board move very quickly towards acknowledging the misdeeds of the bad actors in the hope that it will be the first step in the long process of a return to normalcy.

     The "Mueller" report [which of course we now know was actually the Weissmann report] was purposefully delayed long after it was established there was no collision/conspiracy in a thinly veiled attempt to throw the midterm elections, successfully so with the House of Representatives.  In sharp contrast, Durham is moving things along at a quick pace, unlike Weissmann, there's no ulterior motive to delay the process, so don't expect this to take 2.5 years.  Consequently, the British are attempting to get out ahead of what is about to be exposed to the extent that they can, scraping whatever dignity they can off the floor in an effort to move forward...Boris Johnson gives them a bit of latitude to do that.

     For what it's worth, the declassification of documents that is rumored to be imminent is a genuinely seismic event, we are witnessing history unfold in realtime.  The phrase "bigger than Watergate" gets thrown around carelessly every few years...what you're about to witness absolutely dwarfs Watergate.


What you are hoping for is impossible if the players never ingested heroic amounts of lsd. 

Nice try. 

>>  we can advance the discussion only so far when one side is regurgitating memes.<<


Ironic coming from the guy that drops youtuber links like rabbit turds. 


Byren, there won't be one conviction. Not even a meaningless "process crime" like tRump's crew.
Yes, I agree people like Joe D will purport this conspiracy theory (btw this is the very definition of that term), and Dear Leader will echo it, as will foxbots. But, there will be no convictions. Yes, lots of noise, but no substance.

LOL, sorry Bryen,  I've given extensive original commentary, and posted many a link over the years to back it up...   but I think most of us agree, there comes a point where it's just a waste time.

Enjoy your delusions ya putin falootin magaman!




    ^ Predictable....amusing, but predictably irrelevant.  Have a nice day Druba.

Do you have any irrelevant yootoob links, Byren?

Ssssshhh, Neyrb is doin' the namaste.

Just took a peek over the fence at and see absolutely no mention of this.

Also perused the rest of Joe diGenova's comments and he said these declassified docs will be "embarrassing" for the FBI and intel agencies. Is that a crime?

I love how the Q conspirators like Comey, Strzok, Brennan, etc ...... forgot to tell anybody about Russia before the election.

Oops, we forgot.




Judge dismisses DNC hacking lawsuit against Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and Russia

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democratic Party against President Trump's campaign, which alleged a conspiracy with Russia to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign, because no one on the campaign was involved in stealing material from the Democratic National Committee.

In an 81-page opinion Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Koeltl in New York said the actions by the Trump team, including specific individuals named in the lawsuit, were protected by the First Amendment.

"In sum, the DNC does not allege any facts to show plausibly that any of the defendants, other than the Russian Federation, had any role in hacking the DNC's computers or stealing its information — it attributes that conduct only to the Russian federation. And the DNC does not dispute that the documents were of public importance. Therefore, the First Amendment protects the publication of those stolen documents," Koeltl wrote.

Bonus points:  The judge is a Clinton appointee.

For the love of god, move on already.

>>>>For the love of god, move on already.

yes Thom, please do 

“Overthrow”   LoL?

One man’s delusion is another man’s dream  “Fervent desire for justice”

Take a day off little B.

No politics allowed only Jerry  for the next nine days (WWJD)



     Galatians 4:16

     "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"


LOL....Witch Hunt?

Justice Dept. won't prosecute James Comey over handling of FBI memos, despite watchdog referral

Washington (CNN)The Justice Department inspector general's office referred former FBI Director James Comey for potential prosecution over his handling of memos that the FBI later determined contained classified information, a person familiar with the matter confirmed Thursday.

Justice Department prosecutors declined to prosecute Comey, in part because they didn't believe there was evidence to show Comey knew and intended to violate laws on handling classified information.

At issue were memos that Comey shared with a friend and attorney, Daniel Richman, who then shared the information with a New York Times reporter.

Two memos Comey shared contained information the FBI deemed as "confidential," the lowest classification level.

CNN reached out to attorneys for Comey. Richman declined comment.

The Hill first reported on the decision.

Apparently the like Tulsi now.....


Was Tulsi Gabbard’s Kamala Harris attack done by… Russia?

But this being America in 2019, it couldn’t just be that Gabbard asked Harris to defend her record. It had to be something more nefarious.

How much more nefarious?

You ever heard of a little place called the Kremlin?

Almost immediately after the interaction, Harris’ national press secretary let you know that Gabbard is a Russian double agent.

“Reporters writing their stories with eyes on the modern-day assignments desk of Twitter, read this,” Press Secretary Ian Sams tweeted, linking to an NBC article.


This is what happens when people lose their minds.

This is what happens when people lose their minds


What does the constitution mean to you?

Is this the way we want to teach  our children how to behave?

all for one   Not one for all....  hate is hate


click and and read if you choose to...

We are all free to choose / every day we choose how to behave   What’s the quote “you are what you eat “


Quote of the day “at least excrement has a biological function”