"Taking My Parents to Burning Man" - Documentary


<<To Celebrate the BurningMan return in 2022, we are dropping our feature documentary film Taking My Parents to Burning Man, a love letter to Black Rock City for free on YouTube.

Synopsis Burning Man – the debaucherous arts festival – isn’t your average family vacation destination. Bry, a reckless party animal, decides to rip his nearly retired parents from their routine and throw them into the adventure of a lifetime: A parental coming-of-age story. Shot at Burning Man 2012, this documentary helps defy the stereotypes of Burning Man, by following the unlikely adventure of two 60-year-old parents for their first burn.>>


Opening: 0:01
Meet the Parents: 5:20
10 sleeps till Burning Man: 10:19
The Shitstorm: 15:16
The day before we hit the road: 21:45
Party in my Car: 24:08
Stocking up: 28:39
We've arrived: 34:08
Meet the Tuna Guys: 38:40
The first evening at Burning Man: 43:50
Day 2: 47:22
Burning Man at Night: 53:17
Meet Walter 57:18
The Temple 1:00:40
Burning Wall street 1:03:32
Goodbye Captain Jim 1:05:22
Burning the Man 1:09:50
What is Burning Man? 1:12:10
A Family that Burns Together 1:17:10
End Credits 1:20:58

easy af ^

get to hang out in 1 spot for a week


try doing a dead co tour

Jus sayin'




pussification of hard livin'


 burn away


Yeah, but Byren saw Jerry more than anybody!   

the i95 corridor is tough af

one false move 

you could be left for dead


How lame do you have to be to take your parents? maybe something else, but...... since the beginning of time parents were meant to be kept in the dark. 

if my kids took me, I would ditch them for a while and go and have some real fun. I love my kids but my kids don't go too hard, and listen to too much country music 

ANY Grateful Dead Tour including the VW years > Burning Man

Never felt the need to ever go to burning man when I had those GD tours with associated Shakedowns and  lunacy through music and often characters (mostly good ones).

Burning Man = lite beer

desert isn't big enough for me.......

same goes for  jamcruise;

boat's not big enough......


but I have back east friends that keep a storage space in Reno year round for their burnstuffs.

Days upon days of EDM in the desert?    Sounds like a blast.

Friend of mine brought his mom. A girl in his camp got busted by an undercover cop and they came back to his camp to get her ID. Friend starts yelling at the cops who then grab and search him find drugs. Mom watches as son is taken away in hand cuffs. 

Tour is more dangerous between law enforcement (Burning Man law enforcement is easily avoided with an ounce of common sense) and low level criminals that it attracts. Burning Man has more intense weather and is 6 days 24/7 with no break unless you decide to put yourself down. You feel equally bad at the end of both.

Dad was never the same after he got a wicked sunburn on his penis...