Surrealistic Summer Solstice Jam 3 and Psychedelic Photosynthesis

Got Chlorophyll, yo?

lucky locals. that looks fun.

If only this were booked on same weekend as DNB 25th Anniversary at TXR... just a few days .later... looks like fun. 


psychedelic ATP...

I went in 2017 and it looks to be about the same lineup, check it out if you can......I'd go but am alredy booked....

Moonalice will be streaming their set at 6pm PST.


Haven't noticed any other streams happening.

They may be streaming the whole thing on Moonalice's site, actually.

Thanks for the stream!

Fuck!  Wish I was there.

Peaches en Regalia!


Great show...

Molo and Wally together is always sweet.   Looks like a fun time and most of the music has been pretty good so far.  I love White Bird but that was painful. 

These types of deals are always going to have painful moments, but overall I thought it came across pretty good musically, especially considering how "old" it all is by now.

It's the Terrapin generation man, and that's not a bad thing.

But someone should tell LLTD to stop talking during the music.

Triple  Drummer Attack...



watched part of the webcast... I saw LLTD, and a few other non-Zoner friends, in the crowd

looked like a fun time