Worst Grateful Dead show I ever saw:

Highgate was otherwise a blast camping right next door to the venue, but seeing Jerry up on the giant screen during SOTM waiting for that "be with you" and he's just nodding out was really sad.  First set was ok.

Tickets were also free.  Not for me, but when I got to the show, rumor had it Phil had ordered comp tickets to be issued to everyone in the lot as part of some sort of pissing match with ticketmaster.  My friend found easy free tix in the lot and then found free tickets inside the show so she could get back in when she wanted to go out and check on her dog.

Funny, the worst GD show I ever saw was followed by the very best Phish show I every saw at Sugarbush a few nights later.

Those Cal Expo shows were horrible. Absolutely embarrassing.

Seattle shows were a kick in the butt though.  Good times, but it all blurs in with the Seattle shows in 95, which were probably the last really quality GD shows I saw.

Autzen 94 was fun for sure.   Multi-day camping in the parking lot and a good time was had by all..  

6-13-94 Seattle KSTW news footage..

The Autzen shows were my last Dead shows

>>>>Seattle KSTW news footage..

{{{Fatty Egg Rolls}}}

>>>>Autzen shows were my last Dead shows

At least you ended your run on a good note.   Those 94 Autzen shows were a kick in the butt.

Suppose my highlights were seeing "Days Between", a heartfelt version, especially considering Jerry's family lives nearby and was in attendance.   And the last Dead song I saw performed was Knocking on Heavens Door, kind of gives one goosebumps! 

The first RFK show was so bad that I got up the next day and sold my ticket to the second show.  No way I was hanging around all day in that heat to see that again.

7-23-94 Soldier Field proshot video-Traffic

Dear Mr. Fantasy w/Jerry

^6-25-94 set 1 video (not set 2)

For me it was so very sad seeing the DEAD in 94 ...

That’s with so many peaks and valleys over the years since 1967

and after the 70s a general decline from my perspective

of course I didn’t go on tour,  but damn 94 really was heartbreaking....

Perhaps we knew the end was near as Jerry was like 20% alive at that point

lltd long_live_the_dead 

Celebrate both and memories and celebrate the music we have


love to all

I had alot of fun summer 94!

>>>>I had alot of fun summer 94!

Me too.  I usually stuck with shows out west, but that summer I hit Highgate, Deer Creek, Buckeye Lake, and the Palace at Auburn Hills.  Best shows that summer weren't the GD though.  It was Santana at the Taste of Chicago and Phish at Sugarbush.   Good times.

Nice. I did Vegas, Deer Creek, Soldier Field, Buckeye Lake and the Palace.  I also saw Pink Floyd at the Silverdome summer 94 as well.

newly released proshot video from Deer Creek 92-95

7-19-94 Shakedown Street