sock puppets


4way (Alfalfa)

Starkdar (Starkdar)

If I'm wrong I apologize.  However to quell the fears that many of you have, it would be helpful if both you could introduce yourselves and your old zone handle. Hopefully that takes cares of it.  As a reminder, a big part of being a jr admin is helping admin where I can.  We have a few more openings on the team if others are interested in doing more than just donating money. 


Really appreciate you putting in the work here, jr. 

Leaving no sock unlaundered

For the good of the collective 


(((Juniors )))

Thank you, JR. My fears are quelled knowing that you're on the case here.

You know this thread could well get you the ZOTY.

4way (Alfalfa)  Is a great handle

They call me Gracie Catrazz

My brother Al is the famous one in the family