Shining Star

Nice one doo. I always loved the ending of that song, where Jerry would step back and the crowd would sing the lines, "You are my shining star, don't you go away. Gonna' be, right here where you are, 'till my dying day".

Were there ever truer words sung from an audience to their hero?

I've never been one to "sing along", but I always did on that one, and especially at the Warfield it was always so intimate. It still gets me, every time, and this recording captures that really well.

I sure do miss those days.

i've seen him grab the mic stand like an old crooner on it. this song bring back lots of memories for me...

Yes, was right there that night, front row. This was great for the monumental,

never-again-matched sing along on that Shining Star. We saw him play that many many times there but

there was never one where he let the audience take over for so long. Very special. It was also a noteworthy show

due to the first appearance of Positively 4th Street in 2 years. (He only played it once more, at the Warfield, naturally.)

I had my brother there that night for his first Warfield show. I'll never forget his reaction when the curtain went up and 

Garcia was standing 10 feet away. He goes, "Holy shit!"  Hahaha, yes, this is the JGB at the Warfield!

It really was unreal, night after night. ($21 ticket plus "fees" of $3.95. 14 songs/$1.80 per song...)

We were lucky to be there. We were thankful.



I'll say! I never had the JGB @ Warfield pleasure but have been told my many that it "was like church". I really miss that band and it's long-running later line-up though. It was weird and surprising when David Kemper was cut near the end though.

I started this months music thread with this song, excellent choice 

My first Shining Star was the October 93 Warfield run and was followed by The Maker... what a glorious set

^^^^^It was weird and surprising when David Kemper was cut near the end though.

I have noticed a disjointed connection between Kahn and Kemper in late 93, almost as if they were fighting against each other and were speculating that perhaps it was that dynamic that led to his replacement. 

The first time I saw Shinning Star was at the Jerry comeback show 10/31/92 at The Oakland Coliseum and it was VERY EMOTIONAL. In fact that was probably the most emotional show of any type I have seen w Jerry be it JGB, The GD ect. That was an epic show with an incredible vibe.

Anyone else attend that one? 

That 4/24 Shining Star is one my most indelible memories from the Warfield. Absolutely ethereal. 

10/31/92 was also a special night, for obvious reasons. It had the gravitas of Grateful Dead show but without all the distracting ancillary madness.


Shoreline JGB after Brent died was the most emotional show I ever saw.

^ Weir Wasserman Springfield Symphony Hall a few days after Jerry slipped on out for me. Lots of tears, sad juju 

The first shows after Brent's passing in Richfield, OH we're oddly non-emotional or at least minimally so. 

Halloween '91 after Bill died was intense.

DSO with Stu played a lovely Shining Star earlier this month in Laytonville. Exited the song with an instrumental Imagine, which was a nice touch. Followed that with a ripping Alligator.