SF Giants Hot Stove Season


Something like 8 of our best(top 30) prospects will be subject to the Rule 5 Draft if they are not added to the 40 man roster. I see a net of minus 4 of the current 40 man. Somethings got to give. And of course they need to sign/resign a starting pitching staff. Maybe one big bat if Belt turns down the qualifying offer.  Probably only positive to Buster retiring(and it is a small one)is it opens up a spot.

We will know more very soon, as they have only 5 days after the WS to offer contracts etc to free agents. Next few days will be interesting.

I would like to see Gausman resigned, along with Disco and Wood.  Belt back, preferably via a new contract.  If Bryant really wants to be a Giant, we'll see what he will take. Would love to sign Chris Taylor from the Dodgers. That guy kills us.

Otherwise, I think we are good to go.  Solano and maybe Vosler will be gone. Estrada and La Stella can handle 2nd base. And Vosler never really fit in. Brebbia, Baragar, and maybe Beede are probably gone too. Davis and Dickerson. I always liked Dickerson and think he is capable of greatness, but he just can't seem to put it together. 4 guys(including Beede) will be coming off the 60 day IL and will need to be put on the 40 man or released.

Lots of decisions and most in the next few days.

Go Giants!

Well Mark, I'm not sure there are more that two or three zoners who care at all about this, so I'm not sure it deserves a thread.

But since you started it, I'll say In Zaidi I Trust.

I think the Giants organization has a lot on their plate this off-season, but they have resources and I believe with Zaidi in charge the organization is well-run these days, they'll have a plan and will make smart decisions.

I have heard that to deal with some of the Rule-5 issues they face with their prospects they will look to trade some of them instead of just losing them, and that could lead to some good additions.

They also have money to spend and I think it's pretty clear they'll look to spend big on a starter, but I could definitely see them spend big on a free agent to play 2nd, and also look to add to the outfield as well.

You mention that a good thing coming from Buster retiring is that it opens a spot on the 40, but it also frees up more multiple millions to spend. That extra dough will give them even more flexibility in who they may want to buy and keep.

I think the thing they really lose without Buster is his leadership and the general gravitas he provides just by walking through the door every day, the decorated veteran who has been everywhere, done everything and done it all the right way. But I do think they're fairly well set to replace him on the field, as much as anyone like him can be replaced, with Bart seemingly ready to step up and show what he can become, and also having Casali to be the veteran, quality defensive player to lead the pitching staff. And if they do add the DH to the national league, Casali fits right into the 9th spot very well with Bart in the DH more often.

As to replacing Buster's leadership & presence, they have Crawford coming back and he carries much of what they'll lose, and also I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a strong push to keep Belt now, as he is also a steady, veteran leader. It sounds like there was a real question about bringing him back, mainly because of money, but now that could well change.

Still, there's really no replacing a player like Buster, but nothing stands still, the Giants have a good mix of veterans, younger players, prospects, money to spend, good coaching and a very solid front office to guide them into 2022 and beyond.

Especially in baseball no one ever really knows what will work and what won't, but as a fan I feel like the team is in a good place, and that's the best a fan can hope for.

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep your paws off taylor, seager as well..

Taylor fits right into the versatile type of player Zaidi likes (Zaidi was probably who got Taylor when he worked for the Dodgers) and IMO he's a better and probably cheaper version of Kris Bryant, while Seager could be a target to play 2nd, and if the Dodgers don't keep their paws on them then they're free to jump into anyone's paws.

Well, slap my hands and shut my mouth....

It's a place to follow and discuss trades and free agent acquisitions from now till next April. Maybe it should have been in the sports folder, but too late.  Feel free to chime in or ignore.

Most of your points, otherwise, are spot on. I trust god completely. He has done a superb job so far.

They are paying La Stella lot of money the next few yrs. Unless they can package him in a trade, I see he and Estrada sharing 2nd Base.

Of course. I forgot to mention the 22 million.  We are going to miss him in many ways. Did you see the press conference? Was one of very few that I ever watched all of. No dry eyes here.

We are losing one of Kaps key coaches.  Gonna be Texas new bench coach and director of hitting for the whole organization.

Actually, I love this time of yr.  Granted, I have limited interest in other sports these days.


We have no place for Seager, Turts.  But Taylor would fit in quite well I think.


It's OK Mark, I figured I'd say it before some other smartass non-sports loving type did.

And they're not paying La Stella THAT much money. His signing was more of a "big deal" because it's the only multi-year deal Zaidi has made (but that will end this off-season) and while La Stella is a good player (not a very good defensive player though) and Estrada was fun this year, 2nd is still an open position to upgrade and add a slugger who could move to 3rd after Longoria leaves in '23.

Seager, Correa, or perhaps Marcus Semien? Any of those at 2nd would be fine with me and a major upgrade from La Stella, who would still be a good utility player & pinch hitter.

I think they wanted to add another big bat anyway, probably in the OF, but now adding two is really on the table.

Ultimately, I don't spend a ton of time or attention on this type of thing, as it's all rumors and those usually turn out to be wrong, but I do think with Buster's surprise retirement the Giants will be more aggressive with their off-season moves.

La Stella jumps to 11.5 million in 2023. Way too much for him. I am not a fan. But unless they can unload him, we are pretty much set. I would love to see a power bat at 2nd base. I never liked his signing anyway. He could surprise next yr though.

I would like to get a super 3rd baseman after Longo leaves. Not sure who would be available after next season. But that is looking a bit too far ahead. If Longo stays healthy , he will be our 3rd base next yr. Crawford, LaStella/Estrada, and hopefully, Belt will round out the infield. I'm pretty sure of that. Bart and Casali.. Maybe eventually Bailey. Yaz, Duggar, Slater and Ruf back in the OF. That leaves 3 openings for this coming season.  Probably Flores stays in the infield. Add Taylor, as he fits in everywhere.   Then one big bat. Maybe a DH type? Cruz? 

Much fun to be had as it plays out. And I trust that gaud will make the right moves.



I like the idea of moving this thread to The Sports Folder, and I can do it, let me know if it's desirable.

I watched a little of the Buster Posey press conference today, I like him.

I only recently heard about what I would consider very fucked up political donations by Giants owners. I wish my friend hadn't told me. It makes me wish I had another team.

Normally I like sports threads in Other Stuff so everyone can chime in, but they're usually more general - World Series, Super Bowl, NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.

Since this one is team-specific it probably should go into the Sports folder.

I just hope I remember it's there when things start moving with the team.

Yeah. Go ahead. It will die in the sports thread like everything else there.   But if it bothers others, go ahead. I know that every thread in OS is so informative for everyone one of us. One great thread after another.  

Mark, is that like one great snark after another?

I'll move it in a little while.

Well Mark, in all fairness, this thread would drop like a rock in OS, since only you & I will post here, and nothing much will be happening at times so it will sink and be hard to find.

If it's always at the top in the sports folder it will be easier to jump back in and comment to each other when the Giants make their multiple brilliant moves over the next weeks & months.

As for anyone else who may not be a Giants fan but might pop in here to lurk a bit, they'll learn about all things Giants next summer when it matters most, when the Orange & Black are SMASHING their teams!

See you on the other side.

GO GIANTS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I was going to say thanks for this thread but since it's going to kick the bucket I'll just say:

Good for Posey on his timing, emotional press conference and:

GO GIANTS 2022!!!!!!! 

This thread isn't going to "kick the bucket", it's just moving to the sports folder.

It's sad & lonely over there, we might as well be the ones to light a few lamps and perk the place up a bit.

And yes, big surprise that Buster was all class with his remarks today.

I was reminded while watching his press conference that after (and during) the sulking end to the false-prophet Bonds era in 2007 the team had no direction, no personality. But that completely changed the moment Posey arrived in May of 2010.

The entire culture and vibe of the team changed immediately when he showed up, and they became what they never were with Bonds as the centerpiece; a team together, playing for each other and becoming champions. Even in the rough times they kept that vibe & culture going, and now that will be the big question....

Sure, they can replace his numbers, but can they keep the winning culture going now that the centerpiece of the team has gone? 

Posey wasn't the only one involved in all of that change, Bochy and many other great players were a part of it too, but even more than Bochy, Buster was the cornerstone, the leader. That's what made him special, and that's what everyone who spoke today or has chimed in on his retirement, teammates & competitors alike has been saying about him. 

Hopefully, I'll get the chance to root for many other great players in a Giants uniform before I move on, but I seriously doubt I'll get to root for another one like Posey.

I'm really glad I got the chance to see the Posey era and to be there "in the room" for so much of it, because it really was great.

Now, let's get started bringing in all those new great players!


A lot on their plate ..."hot stove"...whatever.

I do care - one the few. All MLB teams have to go through this so the revolving door will squeak everywhere.

Freddie Freeman -?  He'd be a great addition ...but I'm sure Hot Lanta won't let him go.

Yes. I have been saying if Belt does  not sign, I want Freeman. Will take a bunch of money. Right now, I am hoping Belt re-signs.

I don't know much about the Braves, but from what I saw & heard the past couple of months it seems there is no way they're letting that guy go, especially now that he's a World Series hero. 

Personally, I like the guy from the A's, and if they're going to let him leave then he MUST be good, because they don't keep anyone who's really good, but I feel strongly that with Buster moving on the Giants want to and will keep Belt. He would likely cost less than the other options as well. 

And Mark, the team you listed up there is pretty much the same one as this year, and while they won a ton of games I really think they're going to look to upgrade a few positions, including CF. And I'm also not so sure, especially now with Buster gone, just how married they are to the idea of La Stella as a regular at 2nd.

Zaidi loves him and he paid a decent amount for him (although 11.5 in '23 isn't going to be that much, and that's in '23) but I really think losing their best hitter is going to change their thinking and approach, as it should.

I think a year ago they were set on letting Crawford leave and opening the bank vault for one of the big-time slugging free agent shortstops this offseason. After Crawford's astonishing season (funny how that happens in the 21st Century) they're keeping him now, but suddenly there's another gaping hole in the middle of their order, they still have tons of money to spend and those FA choices are still there for the buying. Any one of those guys would fit nicely at 2nd, fill an offensive need and would also be a major defensive upgrade from La Stella.

And who knows anything really about Estrada? As fans we love to react to the moment and fall in love with guys who have a moment, but I believe/I hope that Zaidi isn't quite as gullible and will be careful to not buy in too much on guys like Wade, Duggar, Estrada, Slater or even Ruff as major long-term players.

I think they did make that mistake to a degree with Yastrzemski, who the league caught up to after two surprisingly good half-seasons and he showed who he really is last year - a good defensive player but not a very good hitter, but with his big power is fine hitting 6th or 7th (or 8th with the DH). Guys don't usually take 11 years to get to the big leagues if they don't have some major holes in their game.

Even if they keep Belt and Ruff turns out to be legit, and now especially with a question mark at catcher they need at least two MAJOR offensive upgrades, and CF & 2nd are the two main spots that can happen, and if they bring in a top infielder their options for 3rd in '23 and beyond open up as well (although I also really like Chapman from the A's, and the talk is they'll lose him too).

The Dodgers won 106 games and they aren't going anywhere, and it's crazy to think that even with Posey the same basic team that somehow won 107 games (how the fuck DID they do that???) could repeat that without major upgrades, and now their best hitter has retired.

I think the team is set up for a fall next year, especially after losing their best player & leader, and I'll be very suprised if Zaidi doesn't look to shake things up much more than he may have been planning.

He said an interesting thing at Buster's farewell deal yesterday, when he said that during the 2020 pandemic-shorted 60-game season he felt good about the team and how they played (they did play surprisingly well that year) but he didn't realize how important Posey was until he came back this year, and then he realized that the '20 team "was lost" without Posey.

"Lost" is a pretty heavy thing to say, especially publicly, I'm fairly certain the players on that team heard that and sat up, and I can't help but think that Zaidi knows some major changes need to be made to not just re-tool the team now, but to re-shape it more than he likely had been planning, if just to shake off a post-Posey malaise. At least I hope that's what he's thinking, because I think it's very possible that could happen next year.

OK, strong coffee and zoning make for a windy Newberry, I'll shut up now.

Or at least, for now.

I agree that this yr was an anomaly and probably not sustainable next yr. Especially w/o Buster.   I am looking towards the future but do not want to mess with the current chemistry over what Posey's absence will cause.   This was the epitome of teamwork and unselfishness. I don't want to see that go. Maybe we can package Longo and La Stella(who I am not a fan of. Probably least favorite guy on the team) along with a few prospects and then go and get Chapman. That would be great.  Then Semien at 2B and a few starting pitchers and we are ready to go.

Sure, there weren't many superstar big names on the roster, but somehow, somebody came through most of the time.   Probably can't count on that for next yr or beyond, but I would not want to discourage it either.

well at least I learned what a 'hot stove season' refers to...

Savvy move today by the Giants in grabbing Hunter Harvey off waivers from the Orioles.  He's another piece for their already loaded bullpen (yes, bullpen, PETA can fuck right off).  A first round pick in 2013, he's often flashed great potential, but had a hard time staying healthy.  The O's were trying to sneak him through waivers to open another spot on their 40-man roster, and almost succeeded, after all of the other 28 teams had passed on claiming him.  Maybe the change of scenery will work out for him the way it did for other ex-Orioles like Kevin Gausman and Mike Yazstrzymski.  If can stay healthy, the Giants got a steal.

Well Judit, I don't know. This thread is doing OK right here.

Maybe it should stay in OS and work to sway others to the Giants nation, even with their evil ownership (redundant).


It can stay here, Lance. I don't care, I just like the name The Folder and like going there to check in on the news. I also like knowing that threads are so easily findable.


The trouble with signing Harvey is he will be on the 40 man roster and we have a major crunch there.   But I do trust in gaud. He knows what he is doing. 

Counting those on the 60 day IL (all will need to be added to the roster or dropped) We currently have 38.

I can see maybe a half dozen to drop, but we have I think 8 prospects to add or lose them to the rule 5 draft.

<< sway others to the Giants nation

I'd be surprised if that happens, being as some'a you sore loser pussys were adamant about not watching the W Series cuz the giants didn't make it.

Last place baseball fans got more class than that.

Fuck the giants

I watched the WS. Not sure what you are referencing, but all input is welcome.

And it is The Giants!  You know, the best team in the majors this yr.



Well Ras, of course I was joking. IMO people are allowed to be any type of fan they want to be, but I've never understood those who switch allegiances. And I watched most of the WS as well, but keep that troll going.

And Mark, thanks to this thread I was just looking at the 40-man roster. I haven't even heard of a couple of those guys, but I think there are a number of players on the 40 now who could/will go away, and I don't know that much about the Rule 5 stuff, but doesn't a team get to protect a number of players not on the 40-man roster?

If I'm not mistaken the Rule 5 business happens pretty soon, at the winter meetings, and isn't that also when the DH decision will be made? That will affect how teams deal with player movement for sure.

If that's correct, I would expect some Giants roster movement soon, and also a trade or two of prospects might well be coming.

Then again, the league & players might fuck it all up again with the threat of a hold-out. How much will that play into all of this?

>>>the best team in the majors this yr.<<<

Yep. But not the greatest.

GIANTS IN '22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty sure only 40 are protected. Some are not yet eligible to be taken though.

And I think decisions need to be made by 6PM(3 here) tomorrow. I know that is the deadline to sign those who are FA eligible, and offer qualifying offers.

Contract expires midnight Dec 1.   Would be surprised if they have an agreement by then. Negotiations are ongoing. DH is a done deal.  Both sides want it.  Rumors of a pending lockout by the owners if contract not finalized by the 1st. Hope not. But we'll see.



Looks like Nov19th is deadline to protect from Rule 5.

OK. Crawford Gold Glove at SS for NL.   Congrats!

Belt gets qualifying offer. Has until November 17th to decide, but I hope they work out a deal before that happens.

Desclafani, and Wood do not. Cueto not offered team option. These three and Gausman now free agents.

The individual awards are adding up, and that's fine, but let's get back to winning the only award that really counts, the TEAM award that everyone wins together, where everyone gets to hold up ONE trophy.




And you have to think Belt is going to sniff around to see what other teams may offer.

What are the Giants willing to give him, with all his winning history, but also his endless injury history? 

That's a complex question.

You just won your individual "award" this year Farhan. Now go earn it again.

Humm baby.


As expected and deserved, Kap won the NL Manager of the Yr today.   Pretty sure it was leaked last month though.

And we will know tomorrow (17th) if Belt takes the offer. I'm still hoping they will agree to a multiyear deal before the deadline.

Judit, you DO have another team(s):  The Ducks and The Blazers!!  (Or here's hoping, anyways)

Belt accepted qualifying offer and will be back next season.  

He needs a healthy season.

Go Giants!

I'm a little surprised, as there would have been a market for him, but $18+ million isn't bad and he clearly likes it in SF. Good for him.

The A's are probably also happy with this news, as it increases Olson's trade value.

As always, I'm glad I'm not an A's fan.

I suppose now his camp will look to negotiate a longer extension, but if I'm the Giants I'd hold off on that, unless maybe that was part of the short-term deal. He's not getting any younger, and he breaks more than a Ford Explorer.

>>>He needs a healthy season<<<

Yeah, and we all need to win the lottery, world hunger needs to be eradicated and Trumpers need to stop watching Fox.

The dude hurts himself tying his shoes. A "healthy season" for him would be only one trip to the IR, or whatever they call that now.

But it doesn't hurt to dream.

Except for Belt. He hurts himself dreaming.

Now, go get some pitchers and a middle-of-the-order hitter.


Semien at the top of the list right now as far as hitters go. Several pitchers available.  I think a shot at Verlander might be a good gamble. We'll see what it takes to sign him.  Thinking maybe Sherzer resigns with LA. Robbie Ray?  I would like to resign 2 of Gausman/Desclafani/  Wood. Adding 2 new studs would be good also.

So, Semien and 3 or 4 starters. 



Oooops. Looks like Verlander to stay in Houston.

I love the idea of adding a gold glove 2nd baseman with big right-handed hitting & power, a guy who's a BA native & still "only" 31.

He could also spell Crawford at SS to keep him fresh and not lose any (much) defense.

Buy him for us Giants, would you please?

Add in Taylor or Marte and the offense & defense will be looking really good.

And what's the deal on the Japanese player? He sounds like a talent, maybe him instead of Marte. 

Then get some pitchers and let's have some fun.

Crawford came in 4th in the MVP voting. Pretty cool considering his numbers. Beat out that new fodger who had better numbers too.


Giants sign DeSclafani to a 3 yr 36 million contract.

Word is, Wood for 2 yrs over 10 mil.


Just saw that. Also saw a report that they're working on bringing back Wood as well, and are negotiating with Alex Cobb from the Angels.

In Farhan we trust.


Released Dickerson to make room for Desclafani.  Saw that coming. If he could stay healthy (a big if) he has great potential. Good luck Iron Man. 

Hoping Vosler gets dropped for Wood. 

After that, I don't know enough about the other names, mostly minor free agents that they signed recently and guys coming off the 60 day. So, who's next?   They have at least 2 more signings and could be a lot more.  Hoping for Semien and Gausman at least.


I just noticed that Semien's agent is Scott Boras. Ooof.

It seems that Zaidi isn't a guy who will bend over in negotiations, and Boras always haggles for (too much) more, which is one reason IMO that the Giants aren't going to go hard for Bryant, also a Boras client.

I'd love to see Semien signed, he's not just a slugger but also a top defensive player who would seriously upgrade the team at 2nd and could also give Crawford rest without losing much at SS, but he's 31 and they're saying Boras is demanding 200 million over 5+ years. That could price out the Giants, as it probably should.

And I'm lukewarm on Gausman. Once he lost the feel for his splitter after the allstar break he was almost worthless the entire 2nd half. And he won't come cheap. There are probably other guys they could get for less who might end up being just as good.

Wouldn't it be strange if Kershaw ended up on the Giants? For various reasons, that likely wouldn't and probably shouldn't happen, but one thing for sure is the Dodgers and their fans would really have to eat their liver watching him play in Orange & Black.

And Dickerson had to go. He was healthy last year but he just couldn't hit. At all. Which was surprising, as he has always been a good hitter. I wasn't surprised that Yastrezmski fell back last year, that guy has holes a mile wide in his swing, but Dickerson's decline was harder to understand.

It's too bad, but he wrote his own ticket and it was an easy call to cut him. But he's a likable & popular guy, so maybe they'll resign him to a minor league deal.

Sucks about Semien and Boros. Did not know that.

Gausman got it together again towards the end I think. One of the best in the game last 2 yrs. We do still need another lefty though.

Kershaw always pitched as well as anyone at Oracle.  Would be interesting.

Dickerson's back bothered him most of the yr.  But I agree he is one to go.

What I don't understand is the handfull of nobody's that Farhan has signed to the 40 man already this off season. It is full and any new signings will mean dropping someone.  I know Farhan knows what he is doing and I trust him. But some of his moves baffle me.

Hunter Harvey?

Joe Polumbo?

Austin Dean?

Melvin Pineda?

Still nothing official on Wood yet.




It is hard to understand some of these moves, but Zaidi seems to play with his roster the way I play with my fantasy football team; I'm adding & dropping multiple players every week, always looking for the right combination or a diamond in the rough.

Plus, it's just more fun that way.

Ultimately, I think it's easy to assume that he has a plan or an idea for every move he makes.

If nothing else, he could just be using some gamesmanship to manipulate other teams in some way.

He is a Billy Beane disciple, after all. 

As for Gausman, he relies completely on that splitter being sharp and looking just like his fastball. Once he started rolling the splitter and/or spiking it in the dirt he had nothing else and hitters just spit on the split and sat on the fastball, and that didn't go well. It got marginally better at the end of the season, but it still wasn't close to what he'd been doing the 1st half. If he finds that pitch again he's worth money, but if it's not working neither is he.

Other than one or two big names, there is risk involved with any of the starters they may sign, but given what I think Gausman is asking for, that's an expensive risk.  

Five years, $110 million for Gausman?

Good luck with that Toronto.

That's a good non-signing by Zaidi.

The Giants got the best of Gausman, the Blue Jays will pay for the rest.

Thanks for the memories Gaus.

On it goes.

Sorry to see BSS leave the team, but yeah.

Semien got a huge deal from Texas too.

Sherzer close to 3 yr 120 mil with the Mets...... They say Giants are still in it? 


These massive money & years deals rarely work out, especially down the road. I think they're being smart to not just go crazy because they have money to spend and fan fervor is high.

7 years and $175 million for Semien, and I think he's 31 now, that's not going to end well, and Scherzer is 37 with a lot of mileage on that arm. That's a LOT of money to bet on an aging guy who pooped out at the end this year.

Looks Like Robby Ray is headed to Seattle for five years, so maybe Marcus Stroman?

Or maybe they stay calm, trade for a good arm with some controllable years and also continue with what they've been doing, looking for diamonds in the rough, and save the huge money for an everyday player or two.

And Kershaw is still out there, but that guy is always hurt. I wonder if he brings his own medical squad to whoever signs him?

Alex Cobb was a sensible pick up for the Giants.  He had a good year for a pretty average Angels team last year and won't break the bank.

Another scrapheap reclamation project.

Trust in Farhan.  (and their coaching staff)


You talking about Cobb Mark?

A bit more bargain basement maybe (although $20 million for 2 years isn't quite a "bargain") but he's not a scrapheap with upside pickup like so many other Zaidi acquisitions. He had a very good season last year, struck out a lot of guys, didn't walk many, didn't give up many HRs, and as a splitfinger/groundball pitcher he should work well at Oracle and with a better defense.

His issue is he's 34 & has gotten hurt so many times, so that makes him a health gamble and is likely why he didn't get more money & years, but his velocity hasn't declined and he was productive last year when pitching, so if they manage him well and get some luck with health there's no reason to think he won't work out.

I think Cobb is a sensible, solid pickup who doesn't break the bank and mortgage the payroll for years to come. There's risk involved and they definitely still need a top of the rotation pitcher, but unless they go big for Stroman I'm expecting a trade for a younger pitcher along with maybe another mid-level FA starter like Cobb and then a BIG money & many years type deal for a hitter or two.

Stroman sounds like another good Oracle fit but I hear there are some serious issues with his attitude & personality. The Giants have done a good job with that often elusive "chemistry" part of a team, so if that stuff is true I'm not sure they'll want to throw 5+ years & multiple millions on a guy like that.

As for a trade, especially if they do add the DH I think Bart is still a very good trade asset. For the short-term, Casali is a fine defensive catcher and with a DH he fits in hitting 8th or 9th no problem, and don't they have one or two other quality catching prospects who could help long-term? 

Bart has big upside at a position of need and it will be fun to see how he does in the bigs, but he would also likely be a very good trade piece without giving up their other best prospects.

And on another note, when this lockout happens tomorrow, does everything just stop? No FA signings, no trades?

Clearly, there is plenty of money to throw around, just figure out how to share it better and let's get on with the games.

But then, billionaires don't like to share, do they?

Fuckin' billionaires.


I finally got around to watching Money Ball... what a weird world professional sports are when it comes to the money side.

seager and scherzer gone

shit....$44mil/year.....good work if ya can get it...

where's our rough sex pitcher dude?

I mis read his stats. He did have a good yr last yr. 3.76 era and 1.29 whip.    98 K in 93.1 innings is not bad.  His 3 yr ave is not nearly that good though. 

Like I said, Farhan knows what he is doing.


Had not heard that about Stroman, but that does kinda leave him out. Chemistry is our biggest asset.

Bart is ready to play and I, for one, am looking forward to him in a Giants uniform this season.  We have strong catching prospects that are not as far along. Maybe use one of them for trade bait. Speaking of, I think the A's have a couple young pitchers that they are willing to trade. Curious if they have looked at Mat Boyd who got nontendered today by the Tigers.



Tons  of money being spent so far this offseason and a lot by unexpected teams.

I do believe that all interplay between owners and players is shut down during the lockout.  And that could very well last until gametime.

Giants nontenderd 3 players today clearing space for Cobb who signed for 2yrs 18 mil with a 2mil buyout club option for 10 mil in the third yr.  Delaplane, Polumbo( one of the guys Farhan just signed), and Luis Ganzales were non tendered and Slater, Brebbia and Jarlin Garcia signed to avoid arb. 40 man now stands at 38 I believe.  It is assumed that Wood will take a spot when his deal is finalized. Trading for a young pitcher, picking up a big bat,  whether FA or trade, and we may be close to done.

Also tendered contracts(amounts have yet to be decided, possibly by arbitration) were Yaz, Ruf, Casali and Leone.



And Turts, wait till Kershaw signs someplace else.....


Go Giants!!


Oh well. So much for the Hot Stove season.  See you in Feb when this crap gets resolved.

It's pretty pathetic.....