September Pics


My buddy Ben working on the fires in SW Oregon (pic by Chad)


Rum Creek Fire (i've spent a lot of time in the heart of it's location, including back in July this year)



Rum Creek fire



Evacuation map for west of I-5 and Grants Pass (from 2 days ago)


Wrapping up history, with sprinklers being set up too!


Prepping structures, and setting up sprinklers in Galice, OR



^ Wow, just tragic,, are these fires worse than last year's ?  Safety to you, your firefighter friends and all Noodler.

Smoke em if ya got em


It's hard to compare fires sometimes, so many different barometers.  The Talent fire by Medford didn't destroy much forest, it basically ripped through residential neighborhoods, destroying homes.  The multiple western Cascade fires wiped out a lot of forest, history, but also many towns (have several friends lose homes in those fires).  Both are unprecedented for western Oregon.  This current Rum fire is in mostly remote mining / timber country (lots of mines in this area), but the towns / homes along the Rogue are at risk, and if we get westerly winds, the town of Merlin is already under the lowest evacuation warning (see map above), just east of there is Grants Pass, with over 40k people.  Currently, the winds have been from the north at that elevation, which is likely why the fire didn't cross the Rogue northward (along with good fire fighting actions).  

Here's a northerly view(s) from Bear Ck Road in July, just south of the area that's currently burning;

294341008_10221216790882048_2336809696517601095_n copy.jpg

294259183_10221216791442062_1785888906773905202_n copy.jpg

^let's hope

white mouth dayflower (also, widow's tears)  a perennial native to the Americas, Africa and western Asia - pic from the Ozarks  last weekend. 

True blue (non-hybridized) is relatively rare in the Plant Kingdom

20220828_095641 (1).jpg

That's beautiful, Joe. Is it related to orchids?

not that i can find, Mike. Commolina Erecta is the Latin name. More in the spiderwort Family. This likes sandy soil and this pic was taken just 8 feet off the river's edge.

That's an incredibly pure blue. Exciting.

Drove up to Big Bear the other day to get away from the heat.......

Northern Flicker-Red-shafted Male-03 (Medium).jpg

Mountain Chickadee-04 (Medium).jpg

Pygmy Nuthatch-01 (Medium).jpg

Red-tailed Hawk-03 (Medium)_0.jpg

Northern Flicker-Red-shafted Male-02 (Medium)_0.jpg

White Pelicans-01 (Medium).jpg

(I'm so happy to have the Flicker back in my yard for the last week. Seeing these pics makes my heart sing.)

Red Rocker at the Clark County Amphitheater:

Red Rocker.jpg



Yikes. Friend or foe of the reefers?

He's a homey, mike

Got my whole team on point out here

and can actually see the sky today too. First time in a couple weeks. The fire is maybe 8 miles from us 

Damn, Bss. That's way to close for any kind of comfort. Have you caught much ash where you're at?

two great guys...Sy Safransky, editor and founder of The Sun magazine, and Ram Dass, 1980.


^ I had an off year doing stage crew at the Oregon Country Fair once, well, I kept hurting myself, lol.  One day overextened a thumb setting up a drum riser for Ram Dass (the crowd, him, time, it was like a scene from a movie, beyond surreal).  Another day Big Steve Parrish gave me a blood blister moving a bass amp / cab, can't remember the third...  who said meeting fame would be so painful!   

Meanwhile, went rockhounding today SE of Eugene OR near Fall Creek Reservoir,  perfect day for it too!   

The first batch of agates to get a quick cleaning; 

305444516_10221403828637875_8601353394813684041_n copy.jpg

Float / shards

301141392_10221403900159663_6217619271778725494_n copy.jpg

Digging at the boundary of a clear cut.  

305620406_10221403881639200_2316642008193056583_n copy.jpg


Dexter Reservoir 

302291303_10221403853838505_550785806946864747_n copy.jpg

Went by the Dexter Lake Club on the way home, but they were closed.  This is where the bar scene in "Animal House" was filmed, and Kesey, Mt Girl, and others, live down the road from here 

302018225_10221403925480296_2732693499505745358_n copy.jpg


Pelican and seagull happy hour at Arch Cape, Oregon yesterday. 

Feeding frenzy on their (the pelican's) trip south.


Silver Bell Mine Boarding House at Ophir Loop on March 18 1923



I like Fish Rising too.  I have a pristine original U.K. press of the LP in my store right now, that came in with a sizeable collection of Metal and Shredder Guitar records that is the best cared for large collection (about 700 LPS & 12") that I've seen in the 17 years my shop has been opened.  Really enjoying taking a deep dive into Hillage's prime solo work.  Musically, Fish Rising may be better, but the photo of Steve and the enhanced "L" on the cover of "L" makes me smile.  It is acid-drenched music at it's finest!

>  the bar scene in "Animal House" was filmed

Do you mind If we dance wif yo dates?



 A penny and a dollar....

Ludes!  Brings back some memories.

Skeletons flamingos on lawn 1.jpg

Jockey skeletons on lawn flamingos.jpg

No, not my lawn

> Ludes!  Brings back some memories.

That's funny, Mark. They used to erase mine.

A very bloody harvest moon tonight


A Bird's gotta eat.........

Double-crested Cormorant-02 (Medium).jpg

Peregrin Falcon Eating A Pigeon-02 (Medium).jpg

Dan, is that last one an osprey? (The hunter, not the kill.)  Love the way it's staring right at the camera.

Peregrine Falcon......

Here is an Osprey eating lunch:

Osprey Eating A Fish-01 (Medium).jpg

The feather pattern made me think falcon, but the setting suggested osprey. Thanks, dude.

Agate, not fire


Wow! That's incredible Noodler.

That agate is on fire!

Cool to the touch though, I imagine. Very cool.

Caption this:




z 12.jpg

[Come on, now, everyone dance in a circle and look super fake happy!]

"Free labor abuse cultist boatyard fire in 5, 4, 3..."





Nice spider shot Raz....

Here it was a beautiful day in North Beach, SF, CA.


1947 Lizard Head Pass (CO)

Marsh Blazingstar, early bloom, not very common, a fall native prairie perennial, long blooming, essential nectar source for autumn migrating butterflies,  far sw ozarks



George Washington getting his colors at the Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival yesterday. 




Looks like the lanternfly is prey for at least one insect






Another inside a building critter. I helped him/her out the door gently with my boot







^^^what strain???^^^

Blue Dream

304853701_5245850195463707_3599564386631947439_n copy.jpg


302293741_5245850202130373_6877139689256564025_n copy.jpg


Here we see Denver & Rio Grande Western No. 483 & 480 K-36 2-8-2 Mikados built by Baldwin locomotive Works in 1925.

No. 483-480 are pulling a westbound 63 car freight train

Photographed by Otto Conrad Perry above Lobato, New Mexico June 15, 1941

I planted random unknown seeds but think one of mine is blue dream too

z s1.jpg


z s.jpg

Nice pics, joy, and the rainbow really puts them over the top.

I grew an OG Kush last year and it had pink stigmas too. Seems to be a trait of some strains.

Coming soon

Cocaine Bear.jpg

That's crazy, DaBreeze. And it's real too. How have I not heard of this before?

Love the Waylon Jennings connection 


Bird strike!  This is in Rochester, they sent the pilot and copilot to Buffalo by Lyft so they can fly back with a replacement plane.



Chameleon pot.jpg


8 years ago this week, the "First Blood" pocket. (our first pocket, and the water turned blood red when panning it out, thanks to the oxidized sulfides) 








Here we see Denver & Rio Grande Western No. 485 & 483 K-36 2-8-2 Mikados (Baldwin 1925) pulling a freight train.

Photographed by Otto Conrad Perry near Coxo, Colorado June 10, 1942

Coxo is the former site of a small siding (800 ft.) and telegraphone booth, located near milepost 332.2. The siding was removed in the early 1960s, but the telegraphone booth was restored and remains on the site today.

Today, Coxo is more commonly associated with the railway crossing of Colorado Highway 17 located below Windy Point, often referred to as the "Coxo Crossing"

Denver Public Library Digital Collection







^  In the midst of a Holocaust deep dive ... half a dozen audio books over past 3-4 months ... so can't help but ponder how at the very moment the train above is doing its thing, there's likely a train(s) in Europe packed with people on route to a concentration camp to meet their demise - to say nothing of the people who will have died on route :-(

Found this walking around a graveyard in Wallingford Ct 1687


At Hammonasset State Park








<<Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were out today for the 25th annual Plains Peanut Festival!

The Carters rode in the parade in their 1946 Ford Super Deluxe convertible, a surprise 75th anniversary gift from Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. The classic red car was built the year they were married.>>

From President Carters FB page






A Colorado River Ass........

Wild Burro of Colorado River-01 (Medium).jpg

Pipevine Swallowtail........

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly-04 (Medium).jpg


Jimmy Carter Is A National Treasure!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Carter Is A National Treasure!!!!!!!! <<<<

As my grandparents liked to say:  "And how!"

Jimmy Carter's turds have more integrity than the vast majority of any sitting repukedagain, especially Ted Cruz.

Jimmy Carter is probably the best human being ever to be president of US. Unfortunately, was not a great president.



BK, I'm guessing that rubber boot tells a story. Rain finally chase you inside?

One of the 3 Dosi was done, so that came down. I also cut the 4 biggest Gold Leaf kolas for fear of bud rot. You are correct about the rain, although I wasn't chased in by it, I was just done for the day.

I'd vote for Jimmy Carter. Always loved the man! Billy had shitty beer.

That bud will half that size when it cures.......wink

Whattup, MarkD. Good to see you. I saw you in the Space Fprce thread. 

>>>Jimmy Carter is probably the best human being ever to be president of US. Unfortunately, was not a great president.

Boom. Neoliberalism hit the stage with Reagan, but Carter booked them.

You're optimistic, Dan. I always figure that it will lose 2/3.



,z l.jpg

Mostly all good Floops and you?   Good to see you around again.



This carton of local eggs was marked "Large". They range from quail-size to mammoth.

Deck eggs_0.JPG

^^^ someone is playing swap-the-egg with other cartons....

Were they generic cartons?

I wonder how Jerry liked his eggs?


It's a generic carton til they put their paper label on it. LLOLLO, I don't think anyone's moving the eggs around at the store, I think the chickens lay eggs and the family puts the eggs in the cartons as they want to. I've had some interesting combinations, but none quite like this.

Deck egg carton.jpg



I never knew that egg sizes were based on the weight per dozen.

Size does not refer to the dimensions of an egg or how big it looks but tells you the minimum required net weight per dozen eggs. While some eggs in the carton may look slightly larger or smaller than the rest, it is the total weight of the dozen eggs that put them in one of the following classes:

Size or Weight Class          Minimum net weight per dozen

Jumbo                                   30 ounces

Extra Large                          27 ounces

Large                                    24 ounces

Medium                               21 ounces

Small                                   18 ounces

Peewee                               15 ounces

Ricky The Roadrunner got a Lizard Yesterday.......



Dan, you are seeing and capturing exciting stuff. So good.

Mike, who knew? Maybe I once did, but not now. I wonder if the weights for the sizes have changed over the years? Or if they even used weight per dozen to determine the size in the olden days.

Those are beautiful pics, Dan. All of yours are. Honest question, how are you there at the right time so often?

^^ Makes me wonder if the hens laying Jumbo eggs develop a superiority complex's%20ovary.


at a rest stop about an hour north of Houston.  This is how Texas keeps people from wandering freely. 


^^LOL, Noodler, I just got that. A bit slow on the draw

^^^if you didn't see it iin the Spiritual folder, Thank you, my friend, for your honest posts. You've helped me a lot. Unknowingly or not, doesn't matter. (need to wear my glasses when I post)