Rock Camp with Phil, Sco, Robert Randolph and more



Got a spare $5600 plus

Looks like Sco and Robert Randolph will be friends for leg 3 of Phil-O-Ween.  

Why does Shappy appear on the first row of artists and not further down and in a smaller font size?????

i have always wanted, nay, have always dreamed, of having alex koford and ross james as my personal rock and roll counselors. struggling to contain my excitement here - a true bucket list experience

I saw Phil Lesh University just before Phil's transplant. It was good at the time, but Phil asked that the tapes not be shared.

Shapiro is a PT Barnum for sure, for putting this together 95% RMFJ and other counselors and 5%  jam with the big kids.

I guess it is a line on a resume/bio ... shared the stage with - and all that

So technically if an individual did not know how to play at all has the money and a guitar individual stands on stage with guitar?

>>>I saw Phil Lesh University just before Phil's transplant<<<


Phil's transplant took place in late 1998 / early 1999.  PLU was in 2007.  Was there another one?

they "teach" you how to "jam"?

i don't get it.

^^^^ bingo! 

I'm now wondering if Shappy runs Phil's Insta account, which didn't used to be very active. 

They've been pushing this camp in recent days... I posted this comment: "Why not give fans the lineups for the CAP runs first before asking the same fans to spend a considerable amount at a band camp?"

I'm good w/ Sco in the Philoween lineup, because that means a guaranteed Unbroken Chain in the setlist.


Yikes, with Falzarano on the bill, they should pay us.....