RIP Ross Perot


Bill Clinton thanks you.

It was the Cheetos Chicken Sandwich.

no shit? he was good for a few laughs

Did an ADSM install at his company in Plano Tx back in the 90's while working for General Signal Networks. Between install, testing and going live my team was there for 3 weeks, and Ross was there a couple times a week poking in on progress, his ears getting in everyone's way. I remember him making jokes but none of us really understanding him with that drawl of his. He was ok.

Got back from Plano and GSN got bought out by Inrange Technologies - 250 of us got pink slipped that monday, our 1st day back from Texas, in part of the great gobble up technologies run of the late 90's early 2000's. 



Shocking. Only because I thought he died 10 years ago.