RIP Coolio

I once had a short interaction with him. He was very laid back and extremely nice.

59 is pretty young. Sad for those who care.

Coolio was a fan of Jerry Garcia. 

For one thing, Coolio knew that he shared an August 1 birthday with Jerry.

I wish I had a video link, but sometime in the late 90s there was an interview show on MTV with a few guests, and Coolio was one of them. The host asked each guest to name a specific date in history that stood out as significant. I forget what the two or three other guests said, but Coolio said, “The day Jerry Garcia died.” The host was surprised by this answer and asked why, and Coolio said something to the effect of, “Because Jerry was real. He didn’t put on any bullshit, he was an artist and he kept it real.” Again, I’m paraphrasing and I wish I could find the video of this, but I can’t remember the exact date of the show or even what the show was called. I just clearly remember Coolio singling out the day Jerry died and saying that he picked that day in history because “Jerry was real.”