Resetting passwords


Has anyone here been able to do this, I have no idea what my password was so I ask to reset & get a new password I get a link and to change my password it asks what my password is, I mean if I knew that I wouldn't be trying to change it, WTF did anyone test this function before implementing it? beyond frustrating and don't get me started on posting pictures from a mac here


Have you emailed [email protected] and explained what's going on?

Jklowan, as Mike suggested, sending an email to [email protected] to talk about glitches/problems works. Sorry you've run into some.

I'm going to send you an email about your password and posting pics. Stay tuned.

email sent

Nice to see you J-klo . Even if it's frustrating.  So how did you post without your password?   You are a magician !

Uh,    how did you post?


If he's using the same computer/device that he's used before, it's retained. Perhaps he just wanted a new one? Anyway, I wrote, he wrote. Seems good for now.


I asked jkowan to ask you guys about his difficulty post pics from a mac. Many of us do it so I know it's possible. I post pics from 3 apple devices so I know it's possible but I'm not very tech savvy.

I don't know Mac stuff, but if Safari has the ability to block pop-up windows, that might be the problem.

Hi Judit!  Please send me the same email you sent Klowan -- been running into the same glitch. 

The way I am posting w/o password is that Viva will send you a temporary password... but then when I go to my profile to set a new PW, it asks me for my old password (forgotten).

Hi LLOLLO. I sent jklowan a new password to use to log on so he could create his own. I'll send you one, too, but I make up a new one for each person I do it for. It'll be a few minutes til you get the email.

email sent