Refried Funky Chicken - Dixie Dregs with Jimmy Herring 8/22/22


Saw this and thought some here would be interested, short but sweet:


More here:



Wow, that sure brought back some memories. 

I loved the Dixie Dregs in their original formation, and was lucky enough to see that band a couple of times.

They had a finite shelf-life though, and after Mark O'Connor joined they were never the same. But damn, there was a time when they could shred a venue to splinters.

And that's the real band too, although I don't know who's on keys.

Great stuff, thanks for posting.

Caught Steve Morse opening for Paco Delucia, John McLaughlin, and Al Di Meola 

McLaughlin amazed me 


Really.  Thanks for the,  More here:   , also.