Porchfest 2022


Fun day for those towns that take part. I had 8 porches within 2 blocks so easy to stroll around in my neighborhood. I also saw 7 GD tribute bands today. It was bad enough when the Grateful Dead followed me around from town to town but now tribute bands??? 

Funniest comment of the day was by a group of neighbors that know what I do for a living and will be a part of our neighborhood block party in a couple weeks. "Tony, we know that your a Deadhead so you probably know "people" that can get "things." Do you think you could get the supplies to dose the block party?" 


That's hilarious!  Call the bluff!

Meanwhile, Portland continues to blaze trails, or more likely, i'm seriously out of the loop: I learned that there is a fest in a nearby forest campground called "Spankfest." 

Fake Doses for Fake Jerrys